What Do Birds Use To Make Their Nests (5 Steps)

What Do Birds Use To Make Their Nests

What Do Birds Use To Make Their Nests


Birds are the creatures that have got wings. Birds can fly and thus they live in tree tops as well as other such places that are safe for them. The creatures like cats, dogs etc are the worst enemies of birds as well as their eggs and thus birds choose to go for such places that are beyond the reach of these predators. You may find one bird making nest over the shutter of your garage entry or one may be making nest in one of the holes in the wall of your house. Most of the birds like crows etc make their nests on the tree tops and some are even known to build it with all sort of architecture be kept in mind.

What Do Birds Use To Make Their Nests

What Do Birds Use To Make Their Nests

1. Birds carry Out the Pieces of Straw and Grass:-

When some bird is to make a nest, it would carry the pieces of straw and grass wherever it finds and take them to the building site. Now these pieces would be bought one by one and tied together in order to form nest and each day the bird would fly, take a piece of straw and then tie it up with the nest and then fly back again for another piece of straw.

2. The Feathers of Other Birds As Well As Other Such Broken Light Pieces of Tree Branches:-

The birds would simply bring everything, including the feathers of other birds along with the other light things like broken light pieces of tree branches and other such things so as to make a nest. The place would be kept safe so that the predators may not be able to find it easily.

3. They Choose a Safe Place for Laying Their Eggs:-

Birds generally choose a safer place for their nest to be built in. The small sparrows may make nests in the holes, cracks and crevices of the walls of your house while the pigeons may be found making their nest over the garage shutter or some empty room etc where the predators keep away.

4. Some Even Choose the Special Trees:-

Some birds are even found making their nests over special trees. Most of the birds prefer making their nests at the top most part of a tree and some even make their nests with a perfect style and architecture making their nests looks like a perfect masterpiece for living in.

5. The Best Place Is an Isolated One:-

The best place for a bird to make its nest is to find an isolated one where the monkeys or cats or the other such enemies may not reach as else the eggs laid by these birds would become the feast of these predators. Some birds even find special hideouts for their nests to be built in. It has been seen that birds always stay close to their nests and try to pick up the lightest of things in order to make their nests.