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How to BIOS Update of Intel Motherboard

How to BIOS Update Intel Motherboard


I am having an Intel processor based dual core system with 64 bit windows-7 version installed in it. Whenever I switch it on, the first option that arrives on my screen is BIOS setting. Same is the case with every computer based on Intel motherboard. BIOS settings refers to the system settings entering which you can choose any device while booting it from a USB or you can check the status of your hard disk in order to determine if it is connected or not.

How to BIOS Update of Intel Motherboard

How to BIOS Update of Intel Motherboard

The other such specifications can also be checked, entering the BIOS section of your computer. Sometimes, the BIOS section needs to be updated in Intel Motherboard and you can do the same performing these simple steps:-

1. Reach the Intel Download Center:-

The files that need to be downloaded in order to update Intel BIOS are available on Intel Download Center. These files can be easily downloaded with a working internet connection and you can bring them in use to update your Intel BIOS system. The updating methods vary according to the drive support and updated file size.

2. Express BIOS update:-

This one is the easiest and most common method of updating your Intel Motherboard with BIOS facility. Most of the cyber café owners use this method only. This is the easiest method and thus if you are planning to update your motherboard’s BIOS at home, you can preferably choose this method.

3. F7 BIOS Flash Update:-

The F7 BIOS Flash Update is available on Intel boards which arrived in the last six to seven years. If you had purchased your system in the last few years, this method is perfect for you. In order to check if your board supports this update method or not, you just have to enter BIOS setup and check boot option. When you click boot option, several options will get displayed out of which you have to choose Boot display options. If the method is supported, it will get displayed on screen.

4. Diskette Method for Small Files:-

If the updating files are small enough to fit on a diskette, this method can be easily bought in use for updating the Intel Motherboard BIOS system. These files should be as small as 1.5MB in size and you can thus check the file size first in order to adopt this method of updation.

5. Conditions that you are subjected to:-

In order to update BIOS on your computer, you will have to check the version of BIOS on your computer first. The newer the version, the easier it gets updated. If BIOS updation is not needed, you should spare from doing it as even Intel does not recommend updating a computer’s BIOS when it does not need it.

6. Are You Planning an Upgrade or Downgrade:-

It is recommended that you try to upgrade your system’s BIOS but it is never recommended that you downgrade it. When you try to upgrade your system to an earlier arrived version of BIOS, it is never called an up-gradation but rather it is referred as down-gradation. We advise you not to perform any such down-gradation of your computer’s BIOS.


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