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What the Bible Says About Christian Marriage (5 Steps)

What the Bible Says About Marriage


The Bible is the holy book of Christians and it has got its own views about marriage. There is always a debate going on if bible permits a second marriage or not and what are the other such views associated with marriage that Bible offers. Some critics say that we were born to multiply and even the bible does not discourage it while the others say that according to the Bible, only one marriage is allowed or permitted and if you have got married the second time, the new husband of a wife is not legitimate at all and that you have committed a sin. Let us have a look at various extracts from the Bible that are sure to make you clear what views Bible gives us about marriage which are as follows:-

What the Bible Says About Christian Marriage

What the Bible Says About Christian Marriage

1. Marriage Is Sacred and Eternal Bond of Two Souls:-

According to bible, marriage is a sacred and eternal bond of two souls that never dies. It is basically a bond that never gets broken and even if we try to break it, the bond will still persist. There is nobody who can enter between the two and thus, according to bible, marriage is both eternal as well as the pious relationship of the two.

2. Even the “Eve” Has Been Described As the Other Half of “Adam”:-

According to Bible, when there used to be no multiple human beings, there were just two including Adam and eve with Adam being the male and eve being the female who has been described as the other half of Adam which clearly depicts that both are from each other and for each other.

3. They Are No Longer Two but One:-

They are no longer two but one. This is suggestive of the fact that when a man gets married to women, there is a mutual relationship that adds the two and binds them together in an eternal and pious relationship. The mutual understanding and mutual love is what awaits the success of this relationship.

4. Husbands Should Love Their Wife Just As Christ Loved The Church:-

It has been mentioned that the husbands should love their wives like Christ loved the church and they should have selfless love as well as respect for each other when they get married. This is suggestive of the fact that both are incomplete without each other and should have love without faults of their partner.

5. There Is No “Third” Who Can Be Allowed To Come In Between:-

According to the bible, there is no third person who is allowed to come between kith and the kin. There should be a sort of oneness between the two. Both the partners should be obedient and submissive to each other. Bible permits marriage with mutual acceptance that both the partner will cooperate with each other after marriage and that their relationship also will stay as pious as the life a Christian is supposed to lead.


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