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Best Ways to Zest an Orange (4 Steps)

How to Zest an Orange


To zest an orange means to do scrapping and piling from the outer surface of an orange’s colorful and unwaxed outer skin. This technique is common with the citrus fruits in a way that this can be used for flavoring purposes. You need a zester or grater in order to perform this task or you may even do it with a vegetable peeler or even a surform tool can be used in order to go for the zesting approach. The zested portion is used to make pastries, pies, cakes, candy, chocolates and many other dishes as a flavoring agent and thus this process is of a great importance.

4 Best Ways to Zest an Orange

Best Ways to Zest an Orange

1. Zesting Using A Vegetable Peeler:-

A vegetable peeler is a knife like kitchen equipment that is used to peel off the vegetables. This equipment has got either the criss-cross blades at the end or has dot an sharp edge that can be bought in use to zest an orange. You simply need to wash an orange, take the vegetable peeler and peel the orange skin as you do like that with potatoes. You just need to remove the top layer and not the inner pulp. After you take off the peel, It can be chopped up in smaller pieces and stored in the refrigerator in an air tight container.

2. Zesting Using A Grater:-

A grater is an kitchen equipment that has got fine pores on it that can be used to grate any vegetable. You simply need to keep moving the orange with slight pressure along the grater from top to the bottom grating it finely and collecting the grated portion of the orange’s skin in some utensil. The grated pulp can be put in some air tight container afterwards.

3. Zesting Using A Microplane:-

A microplane is a kitchen equipment that can be used to grate oranges in a better way. The process is quite the same as a grater but this time the equipment is of the form of a plate with pores curving outwards with sharp edges. Simply keep the orange up on the Microplane and then move the orange upwards and down on it applying some pressure. The orange will get grated this way and the grated stuff can be obtained later on and can be kept in some air tight container kept preserved in a refrigerator.

4. Precautions While Zesting An Orange:-

Firstly, keep in mind that you have to zest an orange into finer gratings and it can be kept stored in a refrigerator at a favorable temperature. The zesting equipments are often sharp and can even make your hand go bleeding in a few seconds, thus a great care needs to be taken while using any zest equipment. The oranges should be washed properly before going to zest them and the pesticides and wax if any should be removed before zesting an orange. If you get somewhat bigger peels, You can even choose to grind them up in a mixer or grinder in order to grate them in finer ones.


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