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6 Best Ways to Unblock a Toilet Quickly

How to Unblock a Toilet


Sometimes, the toilet that we are using, either the English toilet that has got a seat like look or even the local sanitary toilets are seen to get blocked because of multiple reasons. These can prove to be quiet irksome, sometimes as it looks like the toilet has got clogged because of something and we fear that the filth might start accumulating because of it and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can make us get rid of this situation causing blockage in a better way.

6 Best Ways to Unblock a Toilet Quickly - HowFlux

6 Best Ways to Unblock a Toilet Quickly

1. Fill A Bucket of Water And Drop In All In One Go:-

In order to unblock a toilet, first of all you will need to fill a bucket of water and drop all the water from it, all off a sudden entirely in one go into the toilet hole. The high amount of water will obviously create a high amount of pressure and the stuff that has become a cause of blockage will get flushed away this way and the toilet will get unblocked.

2. Take A Half Cut Bamboo And Use It To Unblock The Toilet:-

If the first method that I mentioned proves to fail in your case and you feel the situation to get quiet irksome, you may choose to go for taking a half cut bamboo stick and use is so as to enter it to the toilet hole and use it so as to clear the blockage and make a passage for the accumulated water to flush off. The thing that has caused the blockage will move this way ahead and the reason behind blockage will get eliminated.

3. Take the Mop, Cover The Mop With Polythene And Then Plunge It:-

The mop that you use daily can also be bought in use so as to clear up the toilet blockage as well. Simply cover the mop head with a polythene bag such that it gets filled up with air and make use of it so as to clear up the blockage in your toilet. The polythene bag that has got filled up will create pressure on water after coming in contact with it and the blockage will get cleared this way.

4. Mix Caustic Soda In Water And Flush Off The Toilet With It:-

You may also choose to add some caustic soda to water and then make use of it so as to clean the blockage of your toilet, but remember not to add water to caustic soda and instead add caustic soda to water as the reaction is exothermic and heat will get evolved when it takes place.

5. Call Some Toilet Mechanic:-

If the situation has got out of control, you may call some municipality worker or some professional toilet mechanic so as to get help from him for clearing the blockage in a better way.

6. Try To Use Some Iron Based Wire:-

If all has failed in your case, this might be due to something that has mistakenly fell in the toilet hole and sometimes even those people who choose to throw the used condoms in their toilet pipe are also likely to have it as a reason for the blockage and I will advise such people to make use of some iron based wire or string that can easily get bent through the toilet hole and make use of it so as to clear up the blockage.


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