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Best Ways to Tie a Quick Fishing Knot

How to Tie a Fishing Knot


Fishing knots can be understood as the knots that are tied up with the fishing hook with a fishing rope making the knot, lubricating it and then going for the fishing purposes. A bait is attached with the fishing string that attracts the fishes and then when the fishes come up to eat that bate considering it to be their food, they get captured.

Best Ways to Tie a Quick Fishing Knot

Best Ways to Tie a Quick Fishing Knot

1. Choosing The Right knots To Be Made:-

First of all, you will need to choose the right type of knot to be made for the purpose of fishing. You can choose to go for an clinch knot or All bright special knot or an Australian plait knot or even the others like Berkley Braid knot. There are countless types of fishing knots and their names can be researched in order to know the full procedure of tying up a knot.

2. Perfect Lubrications:-

Perfect lubrication is the key to make a perfect knot for fishing. You can lubricate your knot either with some water or even your saliva from mouth before drawing it tight. You can choose to wet the knot in your mouth to provide the added lubrications as well.

3. Keep It Tight:-

You are advised to keep the knot as tight as possible and trim up the tag ends close enough to the knot. You can choose to clip off the excess line that stays above the knot to avoid any excess part of it stay above it.

4. Procedure For A Clinch Knot:-

Clinch knot can be understood as a knot that mostly all the unprofessional fisherman make as it is easy to remember. You just need to insert one end of the fishing wire through the hole of the hook and then make a spiral threading with it across the looping thread of the rope. You can thus make a knot after doing that and remember to keep it tight as well.

5. Procedure For A Pitzen Knot:-

One amongst the commonly used fishing knots is the Pitzen knot that is known for the strength and grip that it provides you while fishing. You just need to make a loop with your fishing rope while taking it our of the hook’s mouth and then you just need to make some knots on it by threading the line that is left along the eye of the hook. By looping it across the loop made by you earlier and then make the knot and keep it tight enough to make perfect fishing.

6. Precautions To Be Followed:-

First of all let me tell you that the fishing rope can cause you rashes on hands sometimes if you hold it much hard while making a knot. You can make the use of clippers and the most important thing it to keep away from the hook. The hook is really sharp and pointed so as to catch the fishes and it can make you injured as well. Don’t let the fishing experience be a injury experience to you and make sure to avoid its contact with your eyes or other body parts.


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