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Best Ways to Reset your iPhone Step by Step

How to Reset iPhone Step by Step


iPhone is an Apple iOS smart from the house of apple. The phone that comes with multiple features like ultra lightning fast processing speed, a high internal memory and ultra sensible processors. The name of a big company like apple is enough for all the smart phone lovers. With increasing lovers for this Phone, there comes a need to go for approaches that help us deal with this device in a better way. One of these things that apple users seek to learn is how to reset their iPhone, which I am explaining in this article.

Best Ways to Reset your iPhone Step by Step

Best Ways to Reset your iPhone Step by Step

1. Back Up Your Phone Data:-

First of all, in order to reset your iPhone, I will advice you to take a back up of your personal data as you might need it in future if the data gets lost. You will need either iTunes or iCloud to get a backup of your device’s data. This data can be restored in your device when you have reset it completely. Backup can be done by connecting your computer with your mobile through iTunes. This data can be used later on to go for a restore.

2. Reset Menu:-

Simply go to the reset menu in your iPhone, click the general settings and go to the reset option. Click the reset button that follows and then your phone will go on the reset mode. The phone will reset all the data you have in it and thus you will be able to reset the device in a proper way. The reset menu can be accesed after clicking the home icon and then sliding your finger and locating the icon for it amongst the other applications.

3. Phone Restart:-

The phone will go on the restart mode when the phone is finished up reset. Your phone will restart again and the settings will have gone to the mode as you got it when you unwrapped it from its packet the first day you purchased it. You can now make up the necessary settings and go for the further steps.

4. Log In with Account after back up of applications:-

As your phone has got reset, you will need to tune it with the iTunes again and connect with your personal MAC device. You can store the data that you had reset earlier again in your mobile and thus you can log in your device and make the necessary changes. You will need to make a log in for all the applications that you restore from the backed up computer folder.

5. Restore The Data Again:-

After you have restored all the applications, you can back up the videos and pictures as well. The applications will need a log in again. It might take some time to get the things installed back. You might even be asked to update some outdated applications as well.

6. Precautions:-

In order to go for a simple reset, you need not go to the reset menu and instead you can opt for a manual reset as well. Make sure to avoid any deletion of certificates after you are finished doing so.


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