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6 Best Ways to Removing Skin Tags Yourself

How to Remove Skin Tags Yourself


Skin tags can be considered as the tags that keep on sticking to the skin. You can understand it as the little flaps of tissue that keep on sticking to the parts of your neck and the other places like the armpits, your eye lids and even at your chest sometimes. Though the skin tags are harmless but still they may spoil some part of your beauty and thus you might like to remove them as removing them can cause no injury to you.

6 Best Ways to Removing Skin Tags Yourself

Best Ways to Removing Skin Tags Yourself

1. Lime Stone Powder:-

The first approach that you can use in order to remove the skin tag problem is to treat these skin tags with lime stone. Take a pinch of lime stone and add two drops of water in it. Apply it on the affected area and stay under the fan for a while. You will get relieved from the problem of skin tags this way for sure.

2. Surgical Blade Removal:-

If you have reached your family doctor in order to get these skin tags cured, You can choose to go for a surgical blade removal. The doctor will take a surgical blade and simply cut off these skin tags without even causing pain and then medicine will be applied and you will get a skin free from tags.

3. Electrolysis Method:-

The doctor might even use the Cauterization process or the electrolysis method in order to treat your skin tags and make you get rid of them. In this process, the part of the body that is affected with skin tags is treated by burning the tags using the electrolytes.

4. Talcum Powder & Creams:-

These tags occur most probably due to the exposure to dirt and pollution and can be removed easily by applying talcum powder or smoothening creams on the target site. Simply put some talcum powder under your arms and every affected site after bathing in the bathroom and then wear clothes, You will get rid of the skin tags easily.

5. Treatment with Alcohol Or Toothpaste:-

In some cases it has been seen that applying some alcohol on the target site can really help you a lot in order to treat these skin tags. You can even choose to apply some toothpaste that you do regularly in order to maintain oral health on these target areas as it may even help you reduce these skin tags.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar:-

Apply some apple cider vinegar daily on these skin tag areas and you will get relieved from the problem of skin tags for sure. Apple Cider vinegar is rather cheap and can even be easily made at home as well. You can even choose to rub your affected areas daily with a lemon slice in order to get added benefits.


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