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6 Best Ways to Read Music Notes for Beginners

How to Read Music Notes


It might sound quite irksome to you when you must have thought what I am talking about and you must be saying that this chap is a fool, how can music be written and instead it is played. Well music is a language of emotions and it can be played as well as written like all other languages. The notation of music is represented in form of symbols that can be read by a person or musician with knowledge of this symbols and this way the music gets played. These music notations are referred to as the written form of music and so as to be able to read these notations, you will need to follow some tips that I am mentioning here.

6 Best Ways to Read Music Notes for Beginners

6 Best Ways to Read Music Notes for Beginners

1. Learn Up The Symbols:-

In order to learn how to read the written form of music, first of all you will need to learn how to read the symbols that depict these notations and this can be achieved after a fantastic research on these symbols as well as notations. The more you research about these things, the better you will be able to learn and understand them.

2. Get Familiar With The Musical Instruments:-

Not just learning the notations and symbols is enough, but you should also know the musical instruments and their functioning as well. Like if I talk about a guitar, It is played with strings that are named as like D-major etc. and thus the more you get familiar with these instruments, the better you will get able to make analysis of them.

3. Try Out Playing Instruments On The Base of notations:-

Talking about the song soldier soldier from film “Badal” which is an Indian movie, this one can be played on Piano by pressing the 2nd key, then fourth key, then third key and then first key and then repeating the pattern again. Like 2-4-3-1, 2-2-4-4-3-3-1 and so on… I have got these keys crammed in my case, but this can’t be possible for you to cram numberings for every song and thus you need to learn playing the instruments based on the notations and signs, the more you will practice, the more will you learn about playing music.

4. Research About The Notations:-

Talking about the music notations and symbols, you can research about them over internet or you may simply purchase the notation based book or you may even manage to take some music based notes from some music player as well. The more you make research about these notations, the better you will be able to find them and the more you will be able to practice them.

5. Get In Touch With Some Music Guru:-

If still after finding the notations, you are finding it difficult for yourself to learn these notations and symbols, you may choose to go for hiring some music teacher in your knowledge so as to teach you how to make notations and use them for playing music.

6. Make Up Your Own Notes:-

After you get trained enough to play notes written by others and play your own created music, you may choose to make notations for them by yourself as well. This will make you preserve your music works for future purposes.


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