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6 Best Ways to Overcome Fear of Anything

How to Overcome Fear of Flying


Fear or phobia is something that almost everybody amongst us has suffered at some point or the other, but some of us learn to overcome it and some find it difficult for them to do so and thus here we have come with some tips for you to overcome your fear easily.

6 Best Ways to Overcome Fear of Anything

6 Best Ways to Overcome Fear of Anything

1. Get Familiar with Your Fear:-

The first thing that I would like to tell you to overcome your fear is to get familiar with it. Know what makes you fear and eliminate everything that can make it happen. It is seen that those who take much stress in their lifestyle are likely to be more prone to fear. Take as less stress as you can and try to avoid those things that make you feared.

2. Know the Reason Behind:-

There is always a story behind every fear. A guy might feel fearful to swim for him may be because some friend of him had got sunken in some pond or river, may be you fear height because you had seen someone falling from height and thus it is always necessary to know the reason behind it. Those who know the reason get close to find the way to cope up with it.

3. Earn Courage:-

Now when you know what makes you fear and know the reason behind it, you just need to earn some courage to overcome it by trying it out. If you fear going to some place, just tell the place that you are coming to tackle with it. If you fear flying, just take a parachute and sit in a plane with full safety for the first time and then try out flying without it. If you fear height, tie yourself with a rope for the first time while standing on a height and then untie it out the next time.

4. It’s Now Or Never:-

Tell yourself that it is now or never and that nobody can make you fear. Learn to cope up with your phobias in a better way. Seek for expert advice and counseling from time to time, you may even visit a health specialist if you feel a need of it.

5. Meditate and Comfort Yourself:-

Meditation can help you a lot to encounter your fear. If you feel fearful before doing something, just take deep breath for a while and meditate. This will encourage you to give one more chance to yourself and try again and again. Read success stories of people who were fearful earlier, but then managed to overcome their fear somehow. Reading these stories can really motivate you a lot.

6. Stay with Someone You Trust:-

If nothing works at all, share your room with someone that you trust the most. Be with a friend that you trust and stay close all the time. Tell that you are Bold and courageous enough to survive and you will show it to the world one day. Staying close with someone can enrich your moral and bring about a sort of confidence in you.


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