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5 Best Ways to Make High Quality Homemade Soap

How to Make Homemade Soap


A soap is a bar that we bring in use so as to clean up your skin and for washing purposes. Soap basically work on the micelle formation principle that makes the dirt particle get detached from the skin and thus you get the skin free from germs as well as dirt.
Soap can be bought in use as a toilet soap as well as fragrance rich bathing soap and the procedure to make one for yourself at home has been explained by us in this article.

5 Best Ways to Make High Quality Homemade Soap

Best Ways to Make High Quality Homemade Soap

1. Gather Up The Ingredients:-

You will need some good oil like you may choose to go for the coconut oil. Take four tablespoons of it and add the same amount of olive oil or you may even choose to mix up some other essential oils like mustard oil (1 tbsp) as well. The amount may increase or decrease according to the need.

2. Mixing up The Oils:-

Take a jar and mix up the oils together in it making a perfect blend. Heat this mixture in a pan for some time and then make lye, which is highly soluble in water. Making use of NaOH or KOH (Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide).

Add lie to the oil that you have boiled and then add the soaping agent to it. The acid and base when mixed cause the process of saponification that forms a soap. In this case the oils that we are using are the acids but the NaOH or KOH that you use will act as a base.

3. Adding Up the Fragrance:-

Most preferably the oils that you have chosen are enough for the soap to get fragrance but if you still wish to make it get fragrance, you can choose to add some fragrance giving agent to it. You can even choose to add rose agents or any other flower’s petals so as to give a perfect feel along with the herbs and then let the soap solution get somewhat cooled.

4. Put The Solution In Fixtures:-

After the process of saponification, you are advised to put the mixture in fixtures that will give this solution a perfect soapy shape. Let it cool down for 24 hours and then pick out the soap back from fixtures, removing it when it gets cooled. You can now choose to wrap it with some oiled paper and put it to some air tight container so as to avoid it being spoiled. The soap is ideal for cleaning your face as well as body.

5. Cleansing Action of The Soap:-

When you apply the soap to your hands and lather gets formed, micelle formation takes place and each micelle has two parts with one called as the head and the other called as a tail. These micelles get attached with the dirt accumulated on your skin and help to get it removed from it cleaning your skin pores and making you get rid of the debris in your skin pores that is making them get clogged.


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