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6 Best Ways to Get Rid of Verrucas

Get Rid of Verrucas


You must be familiar with warts right? Well, even the viruses are warts only but these get formed on the feet area of an individual. The condition generally results after swimming in pool water and is caused by a virus that is generally found in pool water only. The name of this virus is HPV virus and these may prove to be difficult to get rid of sometimes as the case is of a virus and as we all know that a virus never dies but depends on the host for survival. If you are experiencing the same, you may choose to go for some tips that we are mentioning here so as to get rid of viruses.

6 Best Ways to Get Rid of Long Lasting Verrucas

Best Ways to Get Rid of Verrucas

1. Verrucas Treatment Creams and Gels:-

There are certain types of verrucas treatment creams and gels available at the chemist stores these days that can be bought in practice so as to get rid of verrucas. These are basically the chemical formulations that reduce the growth if a verruca and make it get hidden with time.

2. Medicated Verruca Plasters:-

When you will reach the medical store, you will find medicated plasters for the treatment of verrucas as well. If the cream does not makes a benefit, bring home the medicated plaster and affix it on the affected area. The verrucas will get healed this way for sure.

3. Make Usage of Salicylic Acid:-

Cover your skin with petroleum jelly first of all as even the healthy skin might get damaged if you make usage of salicylic acid on skin. After skin has been applied with petroleum gelly, the salicylic acid can be then applied on the verrucas to make them go away.

4. Go for a Cyrotherapy or Duct Tape Based Approach:-

The duct tape can also be bought in use so as to apply it on the verrucas and make usage of it to get rid of them. If none of the above mentioned approaches proves to help you, you may choose to meet a skin specialist or dermatologist and ask him to go for a Cyrotherapy as a way to get rid of verrucas. You must not fear from cyrotherapy as it is just a medical approach and just like the other medical approaches, it is equally safe as well.

5. Chemicals Based Approaches:-

Chemicals like silver nitrate, formaldehyde etc. Have proven to certainly have a favourable effect against the condition of verrucas and the creams, ointments and formulations based on these chemicals can also be bought in use so as to get rid of verrucas but make sure to consult the formulation first of all with the dermatologist in your knowledge.

6. Freezing Based Approaches:-

If nothing seems to work in your case, you may choose to freeze the verrucas so as to get rid if them. Make usage of deep freezes ice so as to make usage of it as a cold compress technique on the target site and practice this approach regularly so as to get added benefits.


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