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5 Best Ways to Become a Creative Rapper

How to Become a Rapper


A rapper may be understood as a person who sings rap songs. A rapper usually chants or sings the lyrics in a rhyming manner and makes the words get arranged creating a symmetrical rhyme of words that people relish and enjoy. You might have heard the songs of famous rappers like Bohemia or even Honey Singh and must have found them, to be quiet fascinating but the question that arrives here is that how an individual can become a rapper and what are the essential qualities that you need to adopt in yourself so as to become a good rapper?

5 Best Ways to Become a Creative Rapper - HowFlux

Best Ways to Become a Creative Rapper

1. Concentrate On Your Rhythm And Rhyme:-

First of all, I will like to advise you to concentrate on the basics that you will need to become a good rapper. Rhythm and rhyme are the ingredients of good rapping and thus you need to make yourself friendly with both of these. Rapping is nothing but playing with rhyme and rhythm making combination of words in a poetic way.

2. Take It As a Spoken Word Poetry:-

You can take rapping as a spoken word form of poetry. You must have watched rappers like Honey Singh playing with the words to depict a particular situation like If I talk about the song,” Love Dose” Honey Singh has made a good use of his words in it by depicting what a boy will tell a girl’s father so as to put forward a good impression on him and thus even the girl feels impressed. Talking in general, those were the normal words that approximately every boy would speak, but he made a combination of rhyme and rhythm with those words and blended them in such a way that it became an awesome rap.

3. Watch Some Hip Hop Based Videos:-

Rapping is done basically in the hip hop version of songs and thus you can learn rapping by basically watching the hip hop and rapping based videos. You can even manage to download some rapping based songs that have been sung by the famous rappers that you know. Listening these will bring out the rapper hidden in you.

4. Learn to Deliver It over a Beat:-

After listening to the work of other artists, you will come to know the way in which they deliver their rap works and thus you can choose to work on your own composition afterwards. Simply take a pen, a paper and sit down in a relaxing way. Take up some words that strike your kind and start blending them with rhythm, rhyme and make a self-made rap. Keep on practicing like this and after some unsuccessful attempts from your side, an attempt is much likely to get successful for sure.

5. Make Your Own Compositions And Make Them Go Viral:-

Now when you think that you have learned how to write your rap compositions in a professional way, you can choose to make them go viral by marketing it for yourself. You can manage to have a talk with some event organizer or you can even manage to make marketing by the means of social networking media as well. You can even choose to take part in some talent hunt program so as to expose the hidden talent in you.


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