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6 Best Ways to Avoid Diabetes in Early Stages

How to Avoid Diabetes


Diabetes or sugar is a disease in which the blood sugar level of an individual gets abnormal and thus he or she has to take injections of insulin so as to combat the problem. This health problem has become common amongst people these days and thus people are advised to take a minimal amount of sugar in their food so as to stay away of this disease. This disease can be combated using some home based remedies that we are mentioning here.

6 Best Ways to Avoid Diabetes in Early Stages

6 Best Ways to Avoid Diabetes in Early Stages

1. Bring Some Bitter Melons:-

It has been found that diabetes happens to a person when a person’s body is not able to produce the desired amount of insulin and in such a situation, bitter melons or bitter gourd may prove to be a perfect friend for you. it has been found that the ones who consume bitter melons are easily able to combat diabetes.

2. Honey Instead of Sugar:-

Excess sugar in your diet might make the situation worse as it has been observed that the excess sugar intake is the major cause of concern that patients of diabetes meet and thus they should switch to the less fructose rich substitutes like honey etc. instead of sugar in their diet. Other, less sugary substitutes like jaggery, cane, etc. can also be bought in use if you don’t like honey as the level of sugar content in all these is less than that of sugar itself.

3. Cut off Your Sweets Intake:-

If you are a habitual sweets dependent person, you should cut off your sweets intake so as to get rid of the problem of diabetes. You may choose to go for Sugar free products instead like the ones available in markets these days. Even if you need to eat some food that you feel incomplete without sweetness, you may choose to add sugar free granules in it.

4. Fenugreek Seeds and Amla:-

Amla, which is also known as Indian gooseberry can be bought in use so as to get rid of the diabetes problem. Simply chew some raw amla daily in the morning after you wake up. Fenugreek seeds, which is a kitchen essential can also be bought in use as a remedy against diabetes.

5. Mango Leaves Extract:-

Take some mango leaves and boil them in water. This water should be bought in use for drinking daily after it gets cooled so as to get rid of diabetes as it is a proven remedy to reduce your blood sugar level. This extract from mango leaves might seem a little bit sour to you, but will make a benefit for sure against the problem of diabetes.

6. Consume Neem Leaves:-

Neem is a name that might seem unpleasant to you because of the taste, but let me tell you that this bad taste is the only thing that makes it an ideal substance to be consumed against the problem of diabetes. Simply boil off some neem leaves daily and gulp the resulting water. You may also choose to chew the neem leaves directly so as to get added benefits.


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