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6 Best Ways to Attract a Girl who Knows you Like Her

How to Attract a Girl You Like


In order to attract a girl, you just need to be the boy she wants. The day you become the boy she wants, she will surely be attracted towards you and she will herself approach you for getting committed with you. Here we have explained some tips for boys to attract girls following which they can get benefited in certain ways for sure.

6 Best Ways to Attract a Girl who Knows you Like Her

Best Ways to Attract a Girl who Knows you Like Her

1. Eye Contact:-

The first thing that can make a girl get attracted towards you is the way you make eye contact with her. Look in the eyes of girl and keep looking. She is sure to think about you. Your body language also counts a lot. Be dressed nicely and look decent enough to make a girl fall in love with you. A good eye contact with good body language can act venomously in attracting girls towards you.

2. Body or Physique:-

Learn to work out if you want to be surrounded with girls. Make a muscular body with tough looks. Your biceps should be peeping out from your t-shirt and you should have muscles enough to impress any girl. Wear tight fitting t-shirts that give a glimpse of your body. Girls like boys with tough looks. Try to make biceps and for that you can go to gym.

3. Smartness:-

Smartness counts. You should get smart enough to make a girl think about you. You should talk in decent and polite way with others and you should deal everything maturely. Girls always like mature guys and smartness is always their first priority. You should seem to be a mature guy to her. Keep solving others problems in front of her; always come up with a mature advice for others.

4. Smile and Behavior:-

You should be ready to help anybody that comes in your way. Be polite enough to all and keep smiling. Your behavior with others should be good. Girls always like those boys who stay gentle with all. Never give fake impression in front of anybody and help who so ever needs you. If you are in a school or college together, remember to greet others and remain friendly with all.

5. Guts and Other Qualities:-

Even guts count. She should feel that you have every quality that she expects from her kind of boy. Go unbuttoned sometimes if you are wearing a shirt and have a muscular body with tough looks. You can even compliment her on something, but not I access. Let her keep thinking about you with every step you take.

6. Sense of Humor:-

Girls appreciate boys with a good sense of humor. Keep making her smile somehow. Don’t crack bogus jokes, but try something new that makes her smile all the time when she is near you. You should stay surrounded with other girls as she may get an idea that even the other girls want to be with you. Who does not like competition? She is sure to start liking, you like this. You should act like you respect everybody and especially girls. Girls like those boys who act gentle with them.


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