6 Best Ways Get Rid of Silverfish

Get Rid of Silverfish


This one is a fish like bug that is wingless in appearance and looks somewhat like fish in resemblance with two antennas and tails. These lay eggs to reproduce and sometimes when the number gets in excess, these might even irritate you a lot as well. If you have got silverfish bugs in your house, you may choose to follow some simple tips to get rid of them which we are mentioning here.

6 Best Ways Get Rid of Silverfish - Kill Silverfish - HowFlux

6 Best Ways Get Rid of Silverfish

1. Exterminate them with a Silver Fish Bug Terminator:-

There is a chemical called the silver fish bug terminator that can be sprinkled on the affected areas so as to get rid of the silver fish bugs. The hideouts can also be sprinkled with this solution so as to get added benefits against the crowding problem of these bugs.

2. Citrus Sprays:-

The juices from the citrus fruits can also be bought in use so as to get rid of the silverfish bugs as well. Simply take out the juice from any citrus fruit of your choice and sprinkle it on the target area. It is natural behavior of silverfish bugs that they do not like the smell of the citric juices and thus choose to stay away of it as well.

3. Camphor Balls:-

It is the nature of camphor that it sublimes or in other words you may say that it changes to the gaseous state directly from solid state and thus you may choose to keep some camphor balls in the premises of your house so as to get rid of the silverfish bugs in a better way.

4. Boric Acid sprinkling On the Hideouts:-

The hideouts of silverfish bugs can also be sprinkled up with boric acid so as to get rid of them. Boric acid is actually bought in use so as to kill pests and ants, but you may choose to make usage of it in this situation as well. Simply fill an injection or a dropper with it and put the drops of this acid in, the hideouts of these bugs so as to get rid of them.

5. Cucumber Scent and Mothballs:-

The scent of cucumber juice is not liked by these bugs and thus you are advised to collect some of the juice from cucumber and make usage of it so as to sprinkle it on the eggs, hideouts and live examples of these bugs so as to eliminate them from your premises. These will not like the fragrance of juice that you have sprinkled and thus will move away. Moth balls can also be kept in the premises of your house as an added preventive measure against these bugs as they don’t like the smell of mothball and thus choose to move away.

6. Chemical Insecticides:-

Pesticides may refer to the name of chemicals used to kill pests, but these can also be bought in use so as to kill the bugs as well. Simply reach some chemical dealer’s shop and ask him for some bug repellant spray or if that is not available, ask him for the pesticide chemicals and make usage of that to be sprinkled on the areas that have become the breeding zone of silverfish bugs.


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