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6 Best Way to Stay up all Night Without Being Tired

Best Ways to Stay Awake all NIght


It may get compulsory for you to stay awake sometimes at night when it is either that you have got some files or office work to complete or it is that the next day is your exam and you still wish to study. In certain cases when there is some function or any other such thing that requires you to stay awake, you may feel a need to look for the approaches that can help you stay awake at night and if you wish to achieve the same, the tips that we are mentioning here may prove to have benefits regarding this purpose for you.

6 Best Way to Stay up all Night Without Being Tired

Best Way to Stay up all Night Without Being Tired

1. Have Warm Water Bath:-

It has been proven in a study that cool temperature of body makes you sleep much faster and thus if you need to stay awake for much more time, you should preferably take bath in hot water so as to make your body temperature get raised and make you stay awake for a longer time.

2. Coffee Will Do A Lot:-

Whenever we had exams, We suffered a lot as my father was habitual of watching T.V serials and that too at a loud volume which really proves to spoil my concentration. I had to stay awake at nights so as to study as it was nearly impossible for us to study in such a loud noise of television. Later a friend advised me to have coffee to stay awake for much longer time and believe me it worked. Coffee can really prove to be an angel from god to keep you awake at night.

3. Have the Lights Switched On:-

If you are to stay awake chatting with your partner on some social networking website and you are waiting for his message to arrive, but you fear you might get asleep in between, you may choose to keep the lights switched on as it has been proven in a survey that people fall asleep even faster when the lights are switched On.

4. Put Your Mobile and Alarm on Snooze:-

This one is the way that I follow during exams. Do it my way, simply put your phone on alarms ranging from half an hour to full hour and keep the alarm on snooze this way. After every hour ends, the alarm will give you a snooze and even if you have got asleep, the ringtone will make you wake up.

5. Take Rounds And Keep Roaming In Between:-

Applying all the steps that I mentioned, still you may feel a bit sleepy if you have not taken sleep the previous night in a proper way and hence you are advised to keep on taking rounds of the verandah or the roof top so as to make yourself active and prevent yourself from getting asleep this way.

6. Don’t Lie and Instead Keep Sitting or Standing:-

It is again my personal experience that if you are lying in your bed, no force can prevent you from falling asleep as the body has become habitual of falling asleep when it gets proper comfort and thus you are advised either to keep sitting or standing so as to stay awake at night.


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