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5 Best Way to Remove Fordyce Spots

Get Rid of Fordyce Spots


You may take Fordyce spots as the commonly occurring spots that have resulted on your penis because of unknown reasons, but it is estimated that they are caused due to genetically reason and are present with more than half of the population. People take them as a sexual disease but this is not so and instead it is just a skin condition. These may be small and painless bumps of pale color occurring on human penis and if you wish to get rid of them, you may follow the tips we are mentioning here.

5 Best Way to Remove Fordyce Spots

Best Way to Remove Fordyce Spots

1. Orange Peel Powder:-

Let me tell you the best simple and tasty way to get rid of Fordyce spots. Take a few oranges and eat them up relishing the taste. This will not cure the Fordyce spots, but the orange peel that you generally throw in the dustbin after eating oranges will make benefits regarding this purpose. Take the peel of these oranges and dry it up in sun’s rays. Convert the dried orange peel to powdered form and then apply it daily on the affected area mixed with some yoghurt or honey so as to get benefited against this problem.

2. Some Skin Cleansing Agent and Lotion while bathing:-

While bathing, you are advised to get some cleansing agent with you. Preferably a slice of lemon will be perfect for this purpose as lemon juice is the best natural cleanser and then make usage of some lotion after bathing on your skin preferably the calamine lotion so as to moisturize it.

3. Use of Talcum Powder:-

After you have taken bathe properly, you are advised to make usage of some talcum powder so as to sprinkle it up on your skin and help the body keep cool and get rid of the problem of Fordyce spots as well. It is better if the talcum powder is based on menthol as a making agent. People say that Fordyce spots go away with time and thus you may simply choose to wait and watch if you feel these are getting lighten each coming day or else, even if they do not go with time, you may choose to go for the further two steps that follow this point.

4. Tretinoin Cream or Other Such Formulations:-

The tretinoin cream that you may find on any leading pharmacy based medical store can be bought in use as a remedy against Fordyce spots. You may find several other resembling creams and ointments available with chemists, but I will rather advise to reach a dermatologist and then get the cream recommended for this purpose so as to avoid the side effects.

5. Consult the Doctor If There Is Something Abnormal Recorded:-

Keep examining the affected area even if you are going for the medicinal approaches and consult the doctor wherever necessary. Stay in touch with the dermatologist and tell it to him the meantime when it is observed, you so as to check if the medicine is associated with some side effect troubling you.


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