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6 Best Way to Quit Drinking Alcohol on your Own

How to Quit Drinking Alcohol on Your Own


Alcohol is a drink that has suffered continuous opposes and blames due to its adverse effects on people’s lives. This drink is said to bring you out of your senses and somebody has rightly said,” Though a drinker may drink to get rid of his tensions, But he himself becomes a tension for others after drinking”

6 Best Way to Quit Drinking Alcohol on your Own

Best Way to Quit Drinking Alcohol on your Own

1. Self Control:-

The first thing that I will advice you is to have a control on your desires. Just sell off all the old bottles you have to a scrap purchaser and promise yourself that you won’t purchase any new bottle now. Try to make a rule that you will drink less with each coming day if you still can’t quit drinking it. You can start with one glass first day, half glass second day, a gulp full in mouth the third day and no alcohol at all the third day. If you feel intense desire of drinking it a week after, you can have a sip of it, then don’t drink it till the end of the month and this way you will learn to leave drinking soon.

2. Learn From Other People’s Stories:-

If you still feel That you have a desire to drink again, you can look for the stories of other people and how they suffered by downloading videos from youtube. You can even read online stories and watch some patients or other relatives who drink and see how their families are suffering because of them. This will encourage you to quit drinking.

3. Ask Yourself Do You Love Your Family?

This one can help you a lot if you love your family and kids. Just swear by their name that you won’t ever drink again and the next time when you feel like drinking, just remember that you took a pledge and swear by your family’s name, how can you break a pledge that is taken on your beloved’s name.

4. Nicotine Pills And Chewing Gums:-

If all these are not working in your case, you can go to some local pharmacy store and purchase some nicotine chewing gums or pills in order to make yourself feel relaxed. Nicotine pills have proven health benefits to make you feel like you don’t want to drink at all.

5. Alcohol Liberation Centers:-

There are some local alcohol liberation centers that help you liberate yourself from consuming alcohol. You can go to those centers for regular checkups and take required medicines from the concerned doctors. Stay in touch with your doctor and they themselves will help you get cured.

6. Don’t Be Stressed:-

Excessive Stress is another thing that makes you feel like you should drink. Those who have a frightful environment at their homes or have a nagging or quarrelsome wives are also likely to drink. Some even drink to run away from responsibilities and thus I advice you not to take such type of stress at all. Try to solve things maturely and responsibly. Excessive stress can make you lose control over yourself and thus staying stress free can help you a lot in order to quit drinking.


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