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5 Best Way to Propose a Girl to be Girlfriend

Best Way to Propose a Girl


To propose a girl is perhaps the toughest thing for a boy and to be proposed by a boy is perhaps the best thing for a girl. Every girl waits for a moment when the prince charming of her life will, propose her and she will feel like she is really a princess. Proposing a girl in a better way can help you enter a healthy, blessed and never breaking relationship with the girl you always liked. In this article, we are mentioning some of the tips to propose a girl that help you to a great extent in impressing her which is as follows:-

5 Best Way to Propose a Girl to be Girlfriend

5 Best Way to Propose a Girl to be Girlfriend

1. Be Yourself And Ask Her To Meet:-

To propose a girl, you firstly need to ask her to meet you, chose a perfect destination to meet her and make the necessary arrangements. Be ready for every fortunate and unfortunate situation in advance. Tell yourself, you are a man and fix the meeting. Remember, sometimes mis happening can even happen with the destined place, if it is a restaurant and you have no time to go yourself to make arrangements, have another alternative or substitute in your mind for the place also.

2. Ring In Champaign:-

Make a setting with waiter to take a glass of champagne and put a ring exclusively chosen by you for your partner in it. Tell the waiter to bring the glass the moment the girl arrives to the table and ask him to arrange some music for that moment. When the girl will arrive, the waiter will reach with the champagne glass. Make the toast with her and when she discovers the ring, simply propose her saying it is for her and you loving her deeply.

3. Get On Your Knees Style:-

You can even propose a girl after getting on your knees. This is not a difficult task, just go in front of the girl you love and ask her you want to tell her something. When she permits to tell you, just sit on your knees and say the three magical words,” I love you”. You can even get a ring for her to give if she accepts.

4. Banner Proposal:-

You can even get a banner written with “I love you” and her name on it. Call some children’s and ask them to hold that banner by the other side promising a grand treat or something like that. Now call your partner and ask the children to come with the banner the moment they see talking her with you. When she will talk with you and ask you the reason why you called her, children will reach along with the banner and you won’t even have to tell her anything. The words on that banner will speak themselves for you.

5. Love Letter And Some Flowers:-

You can even send her a letter with some love quotes or poetry and “I love you” with her name written on it. Girls like poetry and flowers either. You can even send the card to her home with some flowers reading which she will get a clue that you love her.


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