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6 Best Way to not be Socially Awkward and Shy

How to Not be Shy and Awkward


While going for some specific works, we really feel shy. Some opportunities never wait for you and if you feel shy at that time, you can’t ever get the opportunity again and thus there comes a need to seek for the approaches that help you recover from the habit of shying and thus here we have come with some tips for you to overcome this habit of yours.

6 Best Way to not be Socially Awkward and Shy

Best Way to not be Socially Awkward and Shy

1. Think About The Reason:-

First of all you should know about the reason that makes you feel shy. Are you shy to sit with girls? Are you shy to go on stage? Are you shy to explore the outer world? Reason may be countless and you just need to judge the things that make you shy first and then you need to work on a plan that makes you get rid of this habit of yours.

2. Make A Pledge:-

Note down the things that make you shy in a notebook or a paper and take pledge that you take a dare to complete all these things without shying. Try out every thing one by one and this way your4 habit of shying will go away. If you feel shy to speak, just stand in front of mirror and start debating. If you feel shy to talk with someone, first imagine that person with some non-living thing and practice the words that you need to speak with it only. This way your fear will get vanished and you won’t feel shy rather.

3. Start Getting Indulged:-

If you feel some things to make you shy while doing them, learn to get indulged in those things most of the time. Make a routine to work out on your shyness. Take one hour a day before the mirror in order to overcome your shyness. Get frank with people and you will see your shyness vanishing within time.

4. Work Out On Your Week Points:-

Now when you have started practicing out, you must come across some week points of yours and thus I will advice you to know these week points, note them down and start working on them from today only. The day you overcome these week points, you will get build up with confidence and your habit of shyness will get away.

5. Seek For Moral Support:-

If you feel distracted sometimes, seek for moral support. Start staying with people that encourage you for your betterment. Watch motivational videos on you tube and keep telling yourself that you can do anything. This will enhance your confidence level and boost up your moral.

6. Counseling:-

If nothing that I mentioned in this article works for you, you can even go and seek for proper counseling from a counselor. This will help you a lot in a way that you both will be able to work out better on a strategy to overcome your fears and extract out the habit of shyness from you. Learn to do new things and be bold. Stay confident and tell yourself that you can do it. Your shyness will get vanished one day.


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