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5 Best Way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Best Way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off


I clearly remember that this case used to irritate me a few years back as one time I was able to control the body weight and I managed to make it controlled with time, but then after a few days I found that the level has crossed the desired limit o0nce again. We may manage to bring the body weight under control, but sometimes either due to some mistakes that we commit or due to the way that we eat, the weight crosses the limit once again and thus here we are giving you some tips on how to lose weight and keep it off in future as well.

Best Way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

5 Best Way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

1. Workout, the key to weight loss:-

In order to lose weight and keep it off as well, the first thing that I will advise you is to start workout as it has been proven that workout can help you lose your body weight in a better way. Focus the areas where access fat is accumulating since past days and do workout accordingly asking the perfect way to do that from your trainer.

2. Play with the dietary fats:-

Now when you know how to lose weight, you should also know how to keep it off, well in order to achieve this, you will need to know how to play with the dietary fats. It is as simple as that. Take the pre accumulating fat as the excess fat that is surplus in the body and the fat that you are consuming regularly as the added fat to it. Now when the body will be busy in burning the new fat that gets into it, the accumulated fat won’t be able to get burnt and thus you are advised to stop taking new fast so as to make the pre existing fat get burnt in an easy way.

3. Cut down the calories:-

You should also know how much calories you are taking regularly so as to keep the level stick to the normal fat intake limit and prevent the more calories to be added to it. Controlling the amount of calories in your diet, you are also controlling your weight indirectly.

4. My fitness mantra:-

Whenever I gain much body weight that gets beyond normal, I just use the staircase of my apartments to bring it under control. There are approximately 100 steps in our apartment’s staircase and I simply take 12 rounds of this staircase in speed daily. This helps me a lot so as to get rid of the excess body weight and control it from increasing again.

5. Early evening diet and no night diet:-

In order to lose weight and keep it off, you are advised to have 3-4 frequent but small meals. You can take snacks in between but the meals should be kept small and frequent. You are also advised to eat early in the evening and avoid eating at night as the food eaten at night is not able to be digested to the fullest by the human body as we are sleeping after eating it and thus it is advised to eat less and early.


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