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6 Best Way to Learn English Fast and Effectively

Best Way to Learn English Fast and Effectively


English is an international language that is spoken everywhere and in every country. If you seek to go out to a foreign country for job, you should know how to speak it properly and not just for the foreign purposes, but to have good English speaking skills can benefit you a lot while communicating with others. In India, English is the second most spoken language after Hindi and thus in this article we have come with some ways that will help you learn English in a better way.

Best Way to Learn English Fast and Effectively

6 Best Way to Learn English Fast and Effectively

1. Improve Your Vocabularies:-

In order to learn English in a better way, you will first of all need to improve your vocabulary. Start by learning 10 new words each day and learn and write them daily. Learn to make use of them properly with their pronunciation and their synonyms.

2. Read English Newspaper, Magazines And Articles:-

You can manage to hire some local daily that comes published in English. Reading newspapers daily will make you face many new words. Reading their usage in new sentences will make you curious to know more and thus your English skills will get improved. You can hire some good newspaper like “The Hindustan Times” or “The Times Of India” or you can even go for English magazines like “ English Today” etc. as they prove much helpful to improve your English.

3. Have An Oxford Dictionary With You:-

Always keep an Oxford Dictionary on your table. Learn to look for the new words, their synonyms, antonyms and their meaning and pronunciation in a proper manner. The more you look for, the more will you learn.

4. English Speaking And Learning Books:-

There are some books like “Rapidex English Book” Or some other like “BBC English learner’s book” that help you enrich your English speaking skills day by day. Start with learning each page a day and you will certainly see a difference in yourself after some time for sure.

5. Hire A Good Spoken English Tutor:-

You can even manage to hire a private Spoken English tutor to enrich your spoken English skills. Taking spoken English classes from a tutor can really help you a lot. You can manage to go to some English coaching institute or there are many other institutes that offer home tuitions also. If you have a smart phone with yourself, you can even manage to download a dictionary in it with some English learning software’s that will help you. You can even inculcate a habit of reading English novels that will help you come across new words and enrich your skills.

6. Research And Debate:-

The last thing that I will advice you is to research and debate. Stand in front of the mirror and speak on the topic. Give an introduction to yourself and try to make conversations with your friends in English. You can even manage to talk with your families in English. You can even use some words in your daily lives and try to use it only while chatting to someone. It is seen that chatting with others in English can really help you improve your spoken English skills.


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