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6 Best Way to Kill Small Ants in House

Best Way to Kill Ants in House


Ants are basically a trouble and rather a trouble that everybody feels scared of. Ants can be seen everywhere and the moment a crumb of food is left by you accidentally, Ants are invited to this grand feast which is not a matter of objection, but it is happening in your house is itself a matter of objection and thus there comes a need to seek for the approaches that help you get rid of this trouble.

6 Best Way to Kill Small Ants in House

6 Best Way to Kill Small Ants in House

1. Soap + Water:-

The first thing that you can try out in order to kill up the ants in your area is to mix up soap in one mug of water or you can even take the solution in a water sprinkler bottle. You have to sprinkle this bubble soap water into the holes of ants and over their crowds so as to suffocate kill them. Ants will get entrapped in bubbles and won’t be able to run rather and will get killed like this.

2. Lemon + Vinegar:-

The second thing that you can try is to squeeze some lemons out in a glass and add vinegar solution to it. Mix it thoroughly and then sprinkle it in the area where you find ants. Be an ant killer yourself and use this mixture to combat against them.

3. Boric Acid:-

Boric acid is specialized to keep ants away by killing them. You just need to fill up an empty injection with boric acid and sprinkle it in the holes where ants live. You can even sprinkle it on the crowds of ants to get rid of them. Boric acid is readily available at every leading acid retailer shop.

4. Pesticides:-

Pesticides are the chemicals used to kill the pests. You can bring a bottle of pesticides from the market and spray up this chemical on the areas that have become territory of ants in your house. You can readily spray it by putting it up in a sprayer or you can use the injection technique with it also.

5. Hydrochloric Acid:-

Hydrochloric acid does not leave humans alive when in concentrated form, how would it leave ants spare with its effect. If ants have become a headache for you, Just take out some concentrated hydrochloric acid out with the help of a dropper and then put it in the territories of ants. They will get flame burnt with this acid and even their traces won’t be left.

6. Kill Them Entrapping Them In Their Hole:-

You can even choose to entrap them in their hole by filling up each hole with quick dry cement. This cement gets hard within a couple of minutes and thus this way, the ants will get buried inside their hole only. You can even go for the other approaches like the ant repellent chalks that come readily available in the market. You just need to cross the holes of ants with these chalks making a circle around their holes and they are not able to live in that area. Either they die or leave the place. You can manage to make a circle with these ant repellant chalks around every food container that is suspected to attract ants.


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