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6 Best Way to Get Rid of Tiny Red Ants

6 Ways to Get Rid of Red Ants


Red ants are the ants that can be really dangerous to you as well as your pets. These are also referred to as the red ants and live in colonies. These cause severe pain when sting someone and when someone is exposed to much of them at a single time, he is even likely to die because of the multiple stings at a single time. In order to get rid of these ants from your houses, you may choose to go for some simple home based approaches that we are mentioning here.

6 Best Way to Get Rid of Tiny Red Ants - HowFlux

Best Way to Get Rid of Tiny Red Ants

1. Ant repellent chalk:-

In order to get rid of the red ants, the first procedure that you may bought in use is to go for the ant repellant chalks. These chalks are poisonous for the ants and rather are easily and cheaply available at all the shopping places. This ant poison chalk can really help you so as to get rid of red ants. Wherever you see these ants, simply make a circle with this chalk and see these ants dying with its effect.

2. Insecticide sprays:-

If you see a huge number of such ants, you may choose to kill them off making use of some insecticide spray. These sprays are available with almost all the chemical dealers and can be bought in use so as to kill all the pests including these red ants as well.

3. Fill up the colonies:-

As I told you earlier, these ants prefer to live in colonies. These colonies can be easily healed or filled up with clay or anything else that makes these colonies get blocked from outside. You may also choose to flood these colonies up with boiling water so as to make these ants get died because of inflammation that the boiling water will make them experience.

4. Boric acid removal:-

Boric acid, which is easily available with all chemical dealers and is rather cheap as well can be bought in use so as to get rid of these ants. Boric acid application will help you make these ants get cleared easily and I myself have personally tried this method in my house and it really works. It takes no time for boric acid to make these ants get died.

5. Acid burn their colonies:-

If you find colonies of these ants anywhere in your surroundings, you may choose to acid burn these colonies so as to make the red ants living in these colonies die inside only. Simply take concentrated hydrochloric acid and fill these colonies with it as it will make these ants get burnt in no time, but be careful as it might burn you as well and thus you are advised to wear protective equipment and make use of a dropper so as to take the volumes of concentrated acid.

6. Rinse Them Off With Water:-

A normal way to clean up these ants when nothing else is available is to flush them off with under pressure water. Rinse them off with a pipe of water and they will get flooded away this way, making you get rid of the problem that you were experiencing.


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