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Best Way to Change your Gmail Password if Forgotten

How to Change Your Gmail password


With increasing markets of smart phones that depend on Gmail for their operation and downloading applications and all the other applications seeking for your Gmail ID’s it becomes essential to have a Gmail ID and with increasing usage of it and almost every site asking for your Gmail password for getting connecting with them, It becomes essential to keep on changing your password as to prevent any issues of hacking. Or sometimes when your Gmail ID has been opened in many gadgets and you fear someone amongst them might make an ill use of it, you might feel like you need to change it and thus in this article we have come with the whole procedure that enables you to change your Gmail password.

Best Way to Change your Gmail Password if Forgotten

Best Way to Change your Gmail Password if Forgotten

1. Go To The Account Settings:-

Fist of all just go to the Gmail log in page and log in your account by entering your username as well as password in it. Click on the top right corner of your Gmail window that will depict a Menu button that will enable you go to the settings. Just click on it and open the account settings. The Menu button will have account settings as the fifth option of it. The settings will get opened and a new page will get displayed.

2. Change Password Option:-

The next option that will get depicted will be the change password field. You need to click on that. After the moment you click on it, a new web page will open that will ask you to enter your current password, your new password and confirm your new password again.

3. Think About A Better Password:-

Now when the server is asking you to enter a new password, You will need to think about a better password. You can even search web for better password alternatives that will enable you to choose a smart password for yourself. Your password should not be easy to guess and it should contain special characters as well as alphabets and numeric letters. It is proven that choosing a password like this saves your profile from getting hacked.

4. Enter The Old Password And New Password:-

Now when you have thought a suitable password for you, the next thing that you need to do is to enter the old password along with the new password in their respective fields. The server will depict you the strength of your password. If it is a high strength password, click the change password button and if it shows your password to be week, go for another password choice. If your password is strong enough, your password will get changed after clicking the change password button.

5. Checking The Progress:-

If you feel doubtful if your password has been changed or not, you can log out from your account and log in again with the new password. If your password was successfully changed, entering a new password on the log in page will open your account. Else try the old password, if your password was not changed, the account will open with the previous password. Remember, if the caps lock was on or off while making the change in password as the password is always case sensitive.


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