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Best Way to Backup iPhone Using iCloud or iTunes

How to Backup iPhone Using iCloud or iTunes


Apple iPhone is an ultra smart phone from the house of Apple, a mobile and gadgets manufacturing brand that is known for its quality and standard. The name is enough when it is the case of Apple smart phones as they come equipped with features enough to mesmerize anyone and here we have come with some tips for you to back up the data of this phone in a simple and smart manner.

Best Way to Backup iPhone Using iCloud or iTunes

Best Way to Backup iPhone Using iCloud or iTunes

Why Do I Need To Back Up My iPhone?

iPhone comes equipped with fantabulous internal memory and awesome RAM but sometimes you need to factory reset your phone or get it formatted as a whole either due to some system malfunctioning or due to the slow processing crisis and besides it there is no space for an external memory card in iPhone and thus when you format the phone, most of the data that you have stored on it including your applications and songs, videos, documents etc get vanished and thus there comes a need to go for a back up of it. Back up can store your data to a safe place and will make it available the next time you need it by just a simply account that you need to log in your device.

How Can I Backup My iPhone?

You can get a back up of your phone through iTunes or even through iCloud. Both the applications can be downloaded from the Apple website and can be used to make a back up of your data as well. These software might even come pre-installed in your phone depending on the company scheme.
You need to open the iTunes or iCloud software for it.

Backup Using iTunes Service:-

In case you are using the iTunes software, you will first have to connect it with your personal computer and then you can go for a backup of it by going to the backup section in the iTunes software and then you can backup the data to your computer. You simply need to click the “back up now” option and the back up process will start the next moment. This includes your contacts, applications, pictures, music and videos.

Backup Using iCloud Service:-

In case you use the iCloud software, you will have to go to the settings of your phone first and then select the icloud option in the storage and backup section of it. This section can specify you the free cloud storage left with you as well as the space used. You can go for the backup if you have got enough space for it. The next thing that you need to do is to click the backup option and the backup process will start. The phone will display you up the estimate of the time that will be taken by the software to make a backup of your data. You can get indulged in some other work till then and wait for the backup to finish. You can adjust what needs to be backed up and what does not needs to be backed up simply by going to the iCloud settings and making the desired changes in its settings.


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