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Best top 10 Adventure Travel Destinations in the World

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A famous writer has rightly said,” If you begin exploring the world when you are born, it will take full of your life to visit each of its places and still there would be some places left that you would have not visited for sure. You can’t travel the world in a single time, but you can travel the most famous places of it to know it within a single time. Thus, in this article, we are up with top 10 places to visit in the world.

Best top 10 Adventure Travel Destinations in the World

Best top 10 Adventure Travel Destinations in the World

1. Paris :-

Paris is a big city most famous for its Eiffel Tower. Eiffel tower is a tower that mesmerizes the visitors from all around the globe. This tower is an awesome creation and makes the visitors fall in love with it. You can enjoy the markets full of shopping goods that can make your day go within no minutes if you are a shopaholic freak.

2. India :-

India is a country famous for its climatic conditions and its history and monuments. The Taj Mahal in Agra and the beaches of Goa are its specialty. The mountains of Uttarakhand and the markets of Delhi are a must to visit for all. India is a country of gods and temples. Those who seek for enjoyment with a peaceful stay should visit this country.

3. New York :-

New York is the state located in the north-east and mid Atlantic region of The United States. The glittering streets of Manhattan are a must to visit. New York is also famous for its clubs and restaurants. The New York harbor even proves to attract tourists to its magnificent environment.

4. Puerto Rico :-

Puerto Rico is famous for its cobbled streets and historic sites. The hotels are really awesome and the beach experience is simply awesome. This place is special for its food and drinks and boat tours. The spas and water sports are simply luxurious.

5. U.S Virgin Islands :-

If you wish to spend your vacations on some international place, U.S. Virgin islands are the best place to visit for you. This place is best known for its carnivals and beaches. Experience the joy of U.S. carnivals with your family at an international place, plan to visit U.S. Virgin islands this vacations.

6. Sydney :-

Sydney is the most known for its Opera House, Sydney Harbor and bridges. The landmarks of this place make it a must to be visited with family in vacations. The climate is warm and sunny and the people who look to spend their leisure timing on beaches should visit this place.

7. Vancouver :-

Vancouver is a Canadian city known for its parks and galleries and outdoor activities. Those who seek to enjoy basic forms of art and want to relish the joy of viewing art galleries should visit this place. The living experience in Vancouver is simply awesome which makes it a must visit place for all.

8. London: –

London is famous mainly for its Banking ham palace and museums that attract countless tourists till the date. London is also famous for its education facilities and the “tower of London”. Feels like living a dream when you spend your days in London.

9. San Francisco :-

San Francisco is famous for its gourmet restaurants and funky boutiques. The best of this city is a ride on Cable Cars and the architecture of city is simply awesome. The Golden Gate Bridge is the specialty of San Francisco that attracts thousands of tourists to this place.

10. Japan :-

Japan is the hub of electronics and is also famous for Disneyland located in Tokyo part of it. The other attractions include the Mount-Fuji and the Hiroshima peace memorial park made in the memory of Hiroshima-Nagasaki bomb explosion proves to be another amongst its tourist attractions. Thousands of tourists come to visit this place.


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