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Best Tips on Prevention of Breast Cancer

Prevention of Breast Cancer


With a hectic and tension full life schedule, most of the women develop a habit to drink or to smoke in order to relieve the stress and the jobs ladies generally prefer to have their baby, baby sitted. With increasing weight, increasing alcohol, cigarettes and other beverages intake and being physically lazy or keeping lying in the bed and depending on the baby sitters to feed the baby may increase a women’s risk to be breast cancer prone.

Best Tips on Prevention of Breast Cancer

Best Tips on Prevention of Breast Cancer

But after all prevention is better than cure, and every women can remember these simple steps to be tension free from breast cancer.

First of all you need to introduce physical workout in your schedule. You should take a healthy diet and start doing exercises. Start by following a simple exercising schedule, try not to make it vigorous and exercise with a motive to be fit. If you are a regular alcohol drinker, you should completely shun drinking it. Drinking alcohol and other beverages increases your risk to the most of the forms of cancers. Or if you find it difficult to leave the drinking habit, you may start taking nicotine to leave alcohol and then completely stop taking both, the alcohol and nicotine.

If you have a baby in your home, you should never depend on the nipple bottle or a baby sitter, it is completely mandatory to breast feed the child till he gets three in age. Breast feeding a child reduces the risk of breast cancer in women. The milk of a mother can’t ever be replaced or changed with any other substitute or other health supplement. Moreover breast feeding your child makes him have a emotional touch with you and gives you a chance to care about him in a better way.

If you are a cigarette smoker, you should try to leave the habit as it may have an adverse effect on both , you and the baby. And cigarette smoking makes you prone to many forms of cancer also. Even your child coming in contact of the smoke you fizz out makes him prone to the various forms of cancer. Stay aware and beware of every carcinogenic substance.

Though it is advised not to have a baby if you are suffering from breast cancer or to delay the birth, but still the health of a child is always dependent on the mother’s health so keep in mind to intake a healthy and nutritious diet full of green leafy vegetables to be immune enough to fight breast cancer.


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