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6 Best Things to do With Old Clothes

What to do With Old Clothes


Old clothes can really be unmanageable sometimes. Some people find them a waste and throw them while some people keep them in their almirah for years and they keep on deteriorating in closed containers. Some even choose to get utensils in exchange of their old clothes and some simply give them away to beggars while much productive can be done with your old clothes and let me tell you that your old clothes can get a new life following some tips that I am mentioning here in this article.

6 Best Things to do With Old Clothes

6 Best Things to do With Old Clothes

1. Pocket Decorations:-

The first thing that you can do with your old clothes is to make pocket decorations and art works with them. Take off the buttons that you can keep preserved in some box for further uses and make out art works from the rest of cloth. Like a simple technique I am describing here, take the back pocket our of your jeans, fix up a thread at the upward portion to make up a loop, now fix a cloth at the back portion in a way that it becomes a pen holder. When your back pocket can hold the pens, why can’t this pen holder do that?

2. Donate Them:-

The other things that you can do in order to bring your old clothes in use is to donate them to the children of some orphanage. They don’t have parents to take care of them and thus you can choose to provide them some care with your olden clothes. The bigger ones can be donated to old age homes as well.

3. Use to Mop The Floor:-

The clothes that have deteriorated more than 50% can be bought in use to clean your car, bike or even floor. Simply take a stick and wrap the cloth with it, Your mop is ready. You can even make a spider web remover with it fixing up some cloth on a long stick or you may simply choose to make it your internal household accessories cleaner.

4. New Designer Outfits:-

Though we know that your husband can’t wear the clothes that have got short for him, but you are slimmer than him, can’t you bring them in use? Simply try to make experiments with these clothes and give them an extra sexy look. Make cuts on the jeans to give it an extra seductive look. Cut out the sleeves and make the t-shirts go sleeveless. Wear them making experiments and see the way you look. You will get new designer outfits for you this way.

5. Quilts and Mattresses:-

You can even choose to make some quilt cover or mattresses from your old clothes in order to bring your old clothes in use. You can even choose to make washing machine cover or TV cover for your home appliances as well.

6. Door Mat:-

If nothing can satisfy you from what I mentioned above, You can even choose to go for making door mat with these clothes. Make new designs with these mats and make experiments with colors. These multi colored door mats rather look trendy and good at your doorstep and make you get rid of the dirt that your guests are likely to come with.


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