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10 Best Things To Do In First Date

What To Do In First Date


Either a boy or a girl, both get excited and nervous also on the name of going for a date. both want to impart a good impression on each other but if it is your first date, you need to care about some things.

10 Best Things To Do In First Date With Your Crush

10 Best Things To Do In First Date

1. dress up yourself properly. Wear the dress that suits you the best, keep in mind the dress should be clean. use a good and mild perfume so that your body may smell good to your partner. especially the girls should not use much of the perfume and make up so that their partner can see only the make up in you.

2. Don’t be too quick in choosing the place, talk to your friends. To choose a place is of a great importance in a date.

3. be in time so that your partner doesn’t have to wait for you. being late can spoil your first impression. This point applies to both the partners.

4. praise the dress of your partner, praise his/her beauty but keep in mind every thing sounds good till it remains in a limit, don’t be fake ! be yourself if you want a long relation. tell your partner whatever you like about her, this will make her feel calm with you and will like to meet again.

5. Give your partner a lovely gift on the first date, keep in mind the gift should not be much costly.

6. try to make the environment of the talk light and romantic, let your partner speak more. Never cut off each other while speaking. try to eliminate formalities and establish a friendly nature As soon as possible.

7. after eating in the restaurant, don’t let your partner pay the bill and pay the waiter a normal tip, don’t go for a big tip with an intention to create an impression.

8. generally it is advised not to kiss or sex on the first date but it depends on your togetherness and talks how much you have been able to understand each other and how much space you have been able to create in the heart of your partner.

9. look in eyes while speaking a girl never accepts clearly, try to understand her point and if you think you can have a small kiss with your partner while parting with her.

10. if you shake hands or touch some other place gently while on a date with a girl, it increases her trust on you. and you get involved with each other in the terms of formality. But keep in mind, shake hands slightly only.


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