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6 Best Tactics to Get a Guy to ask you Out

How to Get a Guy to Ask you Out


Sometimes it is that we females find a guy to have much stunning looks that go beyond our imagination for our prince charming or it is that we find a guy decent and caring enough to make him our life partner, but we still feel reluctant to tell him directly and thus we need to do something in a way that a guy himself asks us out for a date or a movie or to spend some time or to propose us and thus here we have come up with almost everything that you can bring in practice to achieve this step.

6 Best Tactics to Get a Guy to ask you Out

Best Tactics to Get a Guy to ask you Out

1. Watch Out, That You Look Seductive:-

First of all, your looks should be appealing enough to attract his attention. The more he feels to to be seductive, the more he will think about you and plan to make a date with you. First of all, work out on your looks, your hair, your style, the way you stand and the way you talk. You should manage to work out on almost everything that defines your body language and then go in front of him.

2. Make Him Think About You More:-

Not just him, but you should look appealing to every other boy around him so that they may make you a topic of their talk and he starts thinking even more about you. The more a guy thinks about you, the more you will get space in his heart and the more he will seek ways to stay around you.

3. Tease and Flirt:-

Teasing and flirting can even help you sometimes in order to attract the attention of a boy. If he has got close to you, start pinching him sometimes out of something or give him a sudden glimpse of your skin sometimes. Touch him knowingly in an accidental way so that he may feel your touch and if he goes crazy about it, He is sure to ask you out.

4. Look The Type he Is Interested In:-

Sometimes if you know what type of girl, a guy is interested in, It becomes even easier for you to make him get attracted towards you and thus by knowing his likes, dislikes and expectations for his life partner, You can make him get attracted towards you easily and when he will find all his expectations get completed with you, He is sure to ask you out.

5. Keep Your Schedule The Best of His Knowledge:-

While making your strategies, Make sure that your schedule stays the best of his knowledge. He should know the time when you get free and the time when you are busy so that he may think when he can get you out and ask you for an outing.

6. Take Advantage of His Likes And Dislikes:-

When you know his likes and dislikes, Make them your likes and dislikes as well. Like suppose he likes to play snooker or likes to go for bowling, You can manage to tell him that even you will like to do it someday but never get time to do it with your schedule. The thing will strike his mind for sure and maybe he calls you to join him while doing so.


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