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Best Mobile Phone Insurance Reviews

What Is Mobile Phone Insurance


Some people make a life time investment while purchasing a gadget and sometimes the person goes beyond even his or her pocket to purchase the gadget taking it to be a one time investment. Now suppose one person purchases an expensive phone for fifty thousand rupees and unfortunately the phone meets a theft or there is some miss-happening or stealing of the phone, the full investment goes in vein and the entire sum spent is lost! The mobile insurance is a boon for these cases only.

Best Mobile Phone Insurance Reviews

Best Mobile Phone Insurance Reviews

Suppose the person purchasing the gadget gets the mobile insurance made while the purchase of the gadget, he or she is liable to get the gadget recovered or can claim the insurance provider for the replacement of the gadget purchased by him or her.

What Is Included In A Mobile Insurance :-

If someone gets the insurance of the gadget he or she purchases then he or she is liable to get the amount equivalent to the cost of the gadget insured or might get the gadget replaced by the new one of the same capacity inclusive of all taxes.
Now suppose you are not having the gadget insured then you will have to pay the full cost of the gadget but insurance protects the gadget in the event of theft of loss or accidental damage and you get the gadget as good as new when insured with no fear of loosing your money.

What Is Not Included In A Mobile Insurance :-

If there is a loss or damage during the hire or the loan to the 3rd party or there is mechanical or electronic breakdown or there is overloading of the phone or there is a theft made from a fully enclosed vehicle then the person is not liable to get the replacement of the insured gadget.
The damages made by the wear and tear of the gadget are exclusion or even in some cases the gradual deterioration of the gadget can be exclusion against the agreement and if the gadget insured gets damaged during the process of cleaning it then it also can be counted among the exclusions of the mobile phone insurance.
If the tampering or the breaking down of the gadget is an intentional or the willful act of the customer then also the gadget is not liable for the insurance.

How To Get The Claim :-

Now suppose you want to get the insurance money or the gadget replaced after a theft or an accident then you just need to file an F.I.R in the nearest police station about the accident and retain the purchase invoice of the mobile phone. The F.I.R should be fired in the next twenty four hours and the original price invoice along with the bill and all other details with the copy of the F.I.R needs to be submitted with the insurance provider and the next working day you get the claim made or the recovery made for your gadget.


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