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6 Best Home Remedies to Treat Heel Pain

Heel Pain Home Remedies


The pain in heels might be the result of some footwear malfunction or may be due to the problems in the heel bones. The symptoms involve pain on the bottom of your foot and arch which increases with a period of months. Heel pain might be severe in some of the cases and thus we need to seek for the ways that can help us get rid of this problem in smart manner and thus here we are explaining some ways to get rid of this problem.

6 Best Home Remedies to Treat Heel Pain

Best Home Remedies to Treat Heel Pain

1. Consult A Bones Specialist:-

Heel pain can be a result of some bones related disorder. If you recently met an accident for which your leg had been plastered, may be that the bones or the fractures are not fixed properly and thus you may need to seek for proper advice of a bones specialist as well. If it was so in your case, firstly go and meet your bones specialist and then go for the further approaches.

2. Stretching:-

Stretching is one of the best exercise to treat heel pain. Start by simple leg bending exercises like you do while you warm up and then make leg movements stretching your leg. This can help you a lot in order to treat help pain in a better manner.

3. Ice Pack:-

Take out some ice cubes from your refrigerator and rub them against your heel. Practice this step repeatedly and see the results yourself. Even hot treatment may work sometimes. You can manage to go for a hot bandage treatment as well. You can even manage to wash your toes in warm water in winters.

4. Bottle Gourd Slices:-

Bitter gourd is a vegetable that is seen in approximately every Indian home and is easily available in every vegetable market as well. You can even manage to purchase it from some green groceries and rather it does not cost too much as well being an added benefit of it. What you need to do is to cut off this vegetable in thin slices and massage your heels using it in a gentle way. This will provide you a cooling as well as a healing effect against pain in your heels.

5. Massage With Oils:-

You can even manage to massage your toes and heels with some oils like coconut oil or hot oils etc in order to get an added benefit to get a relief from the pain in your heels. Manage to check of there is something odd with your shoes or your sandals as there may be a pinching screw sometimes that makes us suffer much while walking.

6. Balms:-

There are some balms like the one of “Iodex” that can help you get some pain relief. Just massage your affected area with this balm and keep the area covered till it gets sweated. You will feel a relief after doing so. You can even manage to go to some specialist that deals in all types of pains in order to get an added benefit.


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