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6 Best Home Cure for Common Cold Relief

Cure for Common Cold


Common cold can be regarded as the viral infectious disease that starts from your respiratory tract that affects your nose. The symptoms of it include runny nose, coughing, sore throat, sneezing and fever. This health problem occurs mostly during the change of season and viruses are the reason behind it. This health problem can make you suffer a lot in a way that the symptoms can make you feel unable to work and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help you cure this disease and thus here we have come with some tips for you that will help you get rid of common cold in a better way.

Best Home Cure for Common Cold Relief

Best Home Cure for Common Cold Relief

1. Vaporizer Steam:-

Purchase a vaporizer gel from some medical store and add it in boiling water. Cover your head with some towel and take steam of this water with vaporizing gel in it. Your problem of common cold will get treated this way. You can even choose to rub this vaporizer on your nose, put some cloth over your face and try to cover yourself till the sweat gets formed on your body because of this process. Your problem of common cold will get treated this way.

2. Cinnamon Tea:-

Add some cinnamon powder along with basil leaves and cloves in the tea while making it. Consuming the tea so formed will cure common cold much easily. This technique is associated with proven health benefits against common cold. You can even choose to add honey instead of sugar in order to get added health benefits as well.

3. Basil Leaves:-

Basil is an Holy Indian plant worshipped because of its medicinal properties. It is said that those who consume daily two leaves of this plant, never meet any case of cough or common cold due to its medicinal properties and thus it is advised to consume the leaves of this plant in order to get rid of common cold.

4. Honey:-

Honey can be added in your milk or tea in order to get added benefits against common cold. It has been seen that those who add honey to the food stuff they eat, stay more immune against the symptoms of common cold. Honey can be thus used instead of sugar due to its medicinal properties.

5. Sip Warm Liquids:-

You are advised to sip warm liquids to get treated against common cold. Those who drink water of freezer or add ice cubes to the fluids they drink, are more likely to encounter common cold than the ones not doing so and thus it is advised to drink water after getting it Luke warm. You can even choose to warm milk, add honey in it and then drink it in order to get some relief from common cold.

6. Common Cold Pills:-

If nothing that I mentioned here benefits you, you can choose to go for the common cold pills as well. Just visit some good doctor fixing an appointment with him and get the proper medicines recommended for yourself. Take these medicines in time and you will get relieved from symptoms of common cold.


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