Best Antivirus For Mobile

Best Antivirus For Mobile


While looking for the best antivirus for your mobile, you just need to know the features it comes with and whether it is enough to provide safety to your gadget or not.

Features That The Antivirus Provide :-

An antivirus for mobile is something with limited features with its free version and full features with its “pro” version. Some of the anti-viruses offer a trial version to provide a demo of the features they come with and allow the user to know what sort of features the anti-virus provides to you. According to us, the best anti-virus is the one that provides a safer storage option for the media stored in your phone but also provides the other facilities like anti-theft or disk clean up or the others like blocking malware etc.

Best Antivirus For Mobile

Best Antivirus For Mobile

Kaspersky, A Boon For Mobile Security:-

I am a webholic and I have to encounter many junk mails and malwares and phishing sites trying to flood my smart phone with the junk contained in them , but it disappoints me every-time I have an encounter with the viruses that try to flood the memory of my gadget and slow up its speed with unwanted stuff. There was a time I used to have several anti-viruses and cleaners installed in my smart phone just to enhance its speed but later on, I came to know that having a lot of anti-viruses and cleansers in your smart phone is of no use as it just feeds on your battery and there comes a need to go for the best one that protects your smart phone from extremely everything.

Then I begin trying out every anti-virus but most of them had limited features, then it begin the turn of KASPERSKY malware protection and I found the antivirus to be a worth with its premium version, this one was the best with features that sorted every of my web related and virus related problem and even providing me the features I had not expected hence my vote for the best anti-virus is for KASPERSKY Antivirus.

Calls & Text Filter :-

The first feature I liked about KASPERSKY Antivirus is that we can receive the calls and text messages only the ones that we want to receive and all the spams get directly to the bin. The virus protects the phone against all the viruses including the TROJANS, WORMS, SPAMS, SPYWARES and more using the manual scan option that allows you to clean every sort of virus in your phone.

Anti-Malware Protection :- the KASPERSKY Antivirus provides you anti-malware protection against the online-attacks / phishing and web site attacks and provides you all sort of online protection and gives you an alert message whenever you open a website with some of the defected content in it.

Remote Access :-

the KASPERSKY Antivirus provides you a remote access to special security features on the device if you miss your phone and allow you protect the data of your device if it gets stolen. The KASPERSKY Antivirus allows you to protect your sensitive data and to block the access of your missing smart phone and to find the location of your device using a G.P.S or a WI-FI and GOOGLE maps and even allows you the remote cleaning of the missing smart phone or tablet and wipe off the information of your smart phone if needed.

Remote Activation of Alarm :-

In the case of theft, you can have the remote access of the alarm that will sound on your mobile until the alarm is deactivated with your secret code and you can even go for the remote access even if the stealer changes the SIM card.

Take A Photo Of The Thief :-

KASPERSKY Antivirus allows you to identify the unauthorized user by taking their photo and sending it to you and thus you become able to recognize the stealer of your phone and even the antivirus enables you remote-anti theft web management facility that allows you to communicate easily with the missing device and to protect your private information from getting displayed to somebody else.

Other Features of Kaspersky Antivirus :-

besides all the features explained above, the KASPERSKY Antivirus comes with the other facilities like minimizing the impact on the performance of the device or to fix the issues related with the data and web pages of your phone with just a simple click allowing you to have a good care of your phone without even taking any sort of extra tensions.


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