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What Are The Benefits of Taking Vitamin A

What Are the Benefits of Vitamin-A?


Vitamin-A is a group of unsaturated nutritional organic compounds which proves to be important for growth and development of the human body. This Vitamin includes retinol, retinal, retinolic acid and even several provitamin A carotenoids and beta carotene. We are advised to take food items with Vitamin-A inside them to overcome the impairments with vision as well as growth of body. Vitamin-A is actually a hub of health benefits and if someone wishes to stay immune, he can’t eliminate Vitamin-A based products from his/her diet. Some of the health benefits of Vitamin-A can be explained as follows:-

What Are The Benefits of Taking Vitamin A

What Are The Benefits of Taking Vitamin A

1. Keeps Skin and Mucous Membrane Cells Healthy:-

First of all, I would like to tell you that Vitamin-A acts as a perfect medicine for human skin. It enhances cell repair and also proves to be an ideal medicine for mucous membrane cell repair.  It moistens the mucous cells and makes them resistant to cell damage, inhibiting the bacteria and viruses which in turn can prove dangerous when they bring about a spread of diseases.

2. Helpful in Treatment of Viral Diseases:-

I told you in the earlier point that Vitamin-A can help to keep Viruses and bacteria at a bay. When we stay free from action of bacteria and viruses, we get one step more immune against the diseases of infectious diseases like measles, viral fever and even the others like HIV which is the main culprit behind the disease called AIDS.

3. Helpful against stroke:-

Vitamin-A acts as an ideal ingredient helpful for the treatment of health problems like stroke. It has rather been proven in a study that if you suffer from stroke but you keep on taking a significant amount of Vitamin-A daily in your diet, this will keep you alive and won’t let you die because of the abnormalities that stroke brings to your body.

4. Helpful in treatment of skin cancer:-

Vitamin-A proves helpful in the treatment of skin cancers as well. It decreases the action of free radicals in the human body and reduces the signs of ageing. People who experience signs of ageing can thus add Vitamin-A rich products to their diet in order to stay youthful for a longer time.

5. Helpful in the treatment of psoriasis:-

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder in which human skin experiences abnormal skin patches which are typically red in color. These are often characterized by itching and commonly occur around the belly button or scalp and surrounding places in the body. People affected by the same disorder should try adding a significant amount of Vitamin-A to their diet and it will surely benefit them against psoriasis.

6. Improves vision:-

Vitamin-A has also been found beneficial and essential in the treatment of vision impairments as well. Vitamin-A is one of the vitamins that even the retina of our eyes need for regular and normal functioning. Retina of human eye need sit in the form of retinal, which combines with a protein called “Opsin” to form “Rhodopsin” which is one of the light absorbing molecules and thus people with vision impairments should start taking Vitamin-A to enhance the amount of this molecule in their eyes.


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