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What Are The Benefits of Having a Credit Card

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Credit Card


Credit card is basically a card of payment which can be bought into use when you have no physical currency in your wallet. It allows the card holder to purchase goods and services without having money with a promise to pay them back in the future. The issuer of card pays this money in your place and charges you for this service. A revolving account is created and a grant of line of credit is given to you. You can borrow any amount till the specified limit from the card issuer in form of shopping, purchase of goods etc. and the card issuer pays it in your place. Later-on you pay back the debts and your debts get cleared. There can be many benefits of having a credit card and some of these can be explained as follows:-

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Credit Card

What Are The Benefits of Having a Credit Card

1. Credit Card Is a Convenient Mode of Credit:-

First of all, I would like to tell you that credit card is one of the convenient forms of credit ever available to mankind. You never have to run again and again while submitting your documents each time from one credit provider to the other credit provider if you have a credit card and rather all the transactions, withdrawals and pay-backs are made in an easy and convenient manner.

2. Easy Way to Keep a Track of Your Expenses:-

A credit card is the easiest way to keep a track of all the expenses you make. Generally, if we are spending everything in cash, we can’t abstain ourselves from doing that, but with a credit card, we know that we are being charged for each and every service from the service provider and thus we stay in control.

3. You Don’t Have To Carry Money everywhere:-

When you have a credit card, you know that you can make free shopping to a desired level of amount with a promise to pay it back in future. When you carry a credit card in the form of plastic money, you never have to carry physical money along with yourself.

4. Discount Schemes on Online Shopping:-

Besides this, you can also avail for the discount schemes that online shopping offer you on credit card usage. Most of such shopping websites offer you a suitable discount over all the purchases that you make and thus it proves to be a better option.

5. Low Cost Loans and Purchase Points:-

A credit card is also associated with low cost loan services and purchase points. I still remember that last month when I went to a shopping mall for making household item purchases, they had offered me shopping points for making purchase with credit card and as a good will bonus, I got a denim jeans purchase for free with those shopping points.

6. Low Rate of Interest and Smart Way to Make Spending:-

These days there is a tough competition amongst each credit card company to provide better services at a low and customer friendly rate. This serves to expand their business further to next level and also proves to fetch you with a low rate of payback interest thus proving to be a smart way of spending money and that too without physically carrying it.


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