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6 Best Health Benefits of Eating Cow Ghee

health benefits of eating cow ghee


Cow ghee is clarified butter made from the milk of cows. This ghee has a high smoke point say 250°C and it also does not get spoiled easily. The cost of cow milk is low and thus this ghee is also cheap in costs. It is always better then “dalda ghee” and it comes health packed with countless benefits for every human. After studying this ghee for many years, the researchers acclaimed that this ghee is of a great value for mankind and some of its health benefits for us can be explained as follows:-

health benefits of eating cow ghee

6 Best Health Benefits of Eating Cow Ghee

1. Does not break down into free-radicals:-

Most of the oils and butter substitutes get broken down into free radicals when heated. Free radicals are harmful for us as they bring about a spread of cancer cells. The smoke point of cow ghee is high and thus it has a hand in keeping a person away from the spread of cancer cells. This ghee can be stored for as long as a century without getting spoiled. It does not need any kind of refrigeration as well.

2.  Does not cause dairy allergies:-

Many butter substitutes are known to have allergic results for people, but cow’s ghee never brings such results. Instead, it is an idea butter substitute with rich soluble vitamins like Vitamin “A” and Vitamin “E”. It is also rich in a number of anti-oxidants, which prove to be a healthy choice for all. Cow’s ghee rather boosts your mind and spirit and keeps you healthier than others.

3. An Ideal Source of Energy:-

Most of the ghee substitutes get piled up in the body, but cow ghee gets converted directly into energy like carbohydrates etc. This ghee is rich in nutrients and helps to aid weight loss. The food items cooked in this ghee are not dangerous like that of oil cooked food items. It is also an ideal source for energy build-up as well.

4.  Strengthens your immune power:-

Cow’s ghee is known to keep digestive tract healthy. This is perhaps because of the presence of butyric acid. It has got anti-inflammatory properties and is rather a body building substitute for those who shed sweat in gyms. It helps you build up strong appetite and enhances better digestion in you.

5. Less chances of adulteration:-

Buffalo’s milk is more expensive and same is the cost of Buffalo ghee. There are more chances to find buffalo ghee as fake as there are chances to find fake or adulterated cow ghee. This ghee is also found helpful in keeping your emotions boosted against remorse and helps you stay happy.

6. The Other Health Benefits:-

If we believe to the people of knowledge, they say that there are many herbs and spices which get absorbed best by the body when transported to targeted areas of body with ghee. Majority of herbs are medicinal in nature and thus cow ghee can help you cure many ailments. In case if someone in your contacts inhales poison, just heat some cow ghee and make him drink it, most of the poison will come out in the form of vomiting.


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