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5 Advantages of Walking Without Shoes

Benefits of Walking without Shoes


walking barefooted or walking without shoes can seem ridiculous to some people as it will make your feet come in contact with pebbles, dirt, filth and simply every other thing that is present on the path that you are walking upon. It may seem really eccentric to some people, but seriously, walking barefooted can be a boon for you sometimes. It has been proven in various scientific researches that walking barefooted can bring various health benefits for an individual, some of which can be explained as follows:-

Benefit of Walking Without Shoes

Benefit of Walking Without Shoes

1. Enhances Your Eye Sight:-

Walking on grass with dew drops on it is a nursery class lesson. When we walk barefooted on grass with dew drops, our eye sight gets enhanced and thus those people who suffer a high number of glasses on their eyes can add this practice to their daily schedule as walking barefooted on grass has no side effect at all.

2. Reducing Inflammation:-

I was reading a web journal yesterday in which it was written that walking barefooted on grass, mud or sand can actually help you reduce inflammation in your body. It was also written in the same journal that walking barefooted can enhance the action of antioxidants in your body thus making you saved against the spread of cancer cells. When cancer cells do not spread from one part of the body to the other, they can still be treated with radiotherapy or chemotherapy or elimination of affected tissues from the body.

3. Improving Sleep:-

Besides this, it was tested on a group of people that those who walked barefooted daily had a better level of sleep. In this experiment, a few people were asked to travel a distance of several kilometers daily without wearing any slippers or shoes. They all had a great sleep after adding this habit to their lifestyle.

4. Changes the Electrical Activity in Brain:-

As measured by electroencephalograms, walking barefooted in an earthed way can make you experience about a change of electrical activity in brain. People try walking barefooted on sand to try experimenting in this direction as it also helps to reduce stress. Besides this, walking barefooted has also a guaranteed effect seen with the rate of your heart and flow of blood as well.

5. Improves Moderated Heart Rate Variability:-

According to a known health expert in my knowledge, walking bare footed can also help you improve moderated heart rate variability. Besides this, walking barefooted is also connected with the health solutions like reduces stress and risk to Heart Problems and thus the people who experience weakness of their heart can also try walking barefooted to make their heart strong.


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