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7 Health Benefit of Karela Juice or Bitter Gourd Juice

How Karela Juice Is Beneficial For Your Health


Karela juice or bitter gourd juice is bitter in taste and thus nobody likes to drink it, but this juice is rich in various health benefits that make it a must for all. Bitter Gourd juice can help you overcome respiratory disorders, it can help you keep your liver healthy, and it can help you reduce the problem of acne and what not? There are countless breathtaking health benefits of this bitter vegetable some of which can be explained as follows:-

7 Health Benefit of Karela Juice or Bitter Gourd Juice

Benefit of Karela Juice or Bitter Gourd Juice

1. A Boon against Respiratory Disorders:-

Bitter gourd is a boon against respiratory disorders. This category includes the diseases with breathing problems like Asthma, Cough, cold etc. If you are consuming bitter gourd juice daily, these diseases can’t ever make you feel diseased with their effect as bitter gourd is rich in properties which make it a perfect food item to be taken against respiratory disorders.

2. Keeps your liver healthy:-

Your liver is a necessary and vital part of the body. Sometimes our liver meets damage because of our ill habits and in order to make it healthy once again, we can start using bitter gourd juice. Drink one glass bitter gourd juice daily and you will see positive effects in just a single month.

3. An ideal ingredient against acne:-

This problem is like the news of an implanted bomb in a train for a teenager. They try to heal it with face marks, try to make it get faded with make-up and use countless cosmetic products to reduce its effect. If you consume one glass bitter gourd juice daily, even acne can’t occur on your skin.

4. Treats Deep Skin Infections and Blemishes:-

Blemishes can be regarded as a second skin problem after acne that an individual can suffer from. Bitter gourd juice is rich in blemishes reducing properties and thus it can be added to an individual’s daily diet plan in order to make blemishes get reduced with time. Bitter gourd juice is also an effective remedy against deep skin infections.

5. An Effective Remedy Against Diabetes:-

In diabetes, the blood sugar content gets increased and an individual is not living, but surviving with injections of insulin hormone injected into his blood. If you drink bitter gourd juice daily, it can improve your condition by balancing your blood sugar level and improving your body’s response towards the insulin produced.

6. Relieves You against Constipation:-

Bitter gourd is rich in the content of fiber, which has been found useful in making your food get digested better. Drinking bitter melon juice daily can thus save you against the problems related with digestion; constipation etc and can help you also in keeping your bowel movements regular.

7. Relieves You against Bladder Problems:-

A person with a weak bladder is always prone to urine ejection anywhere without any control over his activities. If your bladder is weak, you can add bitter gourd juice to your schedule. The Bitter gourd juice also proves to be an awesome medicine in the treatment of kidney based problems as well as other such problems. It also helps to boost your immunity.


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