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How To Believe Someone Is Telling The Truth

How To Believe Someone Is Telling The Truth


With world these days getting too much self-obsessive, people become so obsessed within themselves that they stop trusting anyone, not even their relatives and not even the friends. There was a girl in my class, every time when we would ask her about something or tell her something she used to say,” why should I trust you? Can you give any reason for that?” This made us feel rude much often, but I think she had a kind of belief in her mind that she should not trust anyone as all people are fake. Same is the situation with many of us and in case you are also suffering from the same problem, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here so as to make yourself start believing the others.

How To Believe Someone Is Telling The Truth

How To Believe Someone Is Telling The Truth

1. Don’t Make Haste with Decisions:-

There is a problem with some of the people that they take the decisions of their life very quickly or in haste. You are required to be patient while taking all the decisions of your life and if you develop the quality of patience in yourself, you can easily judge if someone is truthful or not as well.

2. Give Everyone a Chance to Speak:-

Those who hear only one side of the topic are always at a loss. People can easily wash the brain of such people with their flattering talks and thus such people are not able to judge if what they hear is a truth or a lie. To such people I will advise that they should be a good listener, first to become a good judgment maker afterwards. Simply listen to each and every aspect of a talk giving each individual proper time to speak and then reach on any sort of conclusion based on it.

3. Just Close Your Eyes and Accept It:-

It is good to go by the proofs, but sometimes in life, even the proofs can lie about some person and thus in such cases you might even need to close your eyes while judging someone. Everyone should be given a second chance if you think that person can’t commit a crime what he or she is blamed with so that you may not feel a need to repent for what you did with him or her.

4. Chance for the Second Time But Not the Third:-

It is good to give a second chance for everyone who deserves it, but keep this in mind that only a second chance can be given in certain cases, but not to all and even if you have given a second chance to someone, you won’t give a third chance at any cost to someone. Try believing your eyes more than your ears.

5. Try Using Heart Along With Brain:-

The problem with some people is that they do the jobs dedicated for mind to be done with the help of heart while the job dedicated for the heart to be done with their minds. They fall in love using brain, but make judgments afterwards with their hearts which can really make them a part of ill-judgment. Make a proper use of both the organs and it is better if you use both together as heart is just meant for pumping blood and not for thinking.


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