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5 Way to Becoming a Witch in Real Life

Become a Witch in Real Life


Well a witch is a woman that is thought to have the evil magical powers. Often witches are displayed as the ladies sitting on flying brooms with magical powers, characteristic black clock that she wears and a pointed hat. In television based movies and serials it is depicted that these ladies are evil and know black magic. Often these have go ugly and unpleasant looks and the magic they know can make you a frog from men in no time. I will rather say that in contemporary world, there are no witches like this but still there is a scope that you will find women who know black magic and in case you yourself need to become a witch, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

5 Way to Becoming a Witch in Real Life

5 Way to Becoming a Witch in Real Life

1. Reach Bengal or Africa and Learn the Black Magic Tricks:-

If you are an Indian, the Bengal area of India is famous for black magic and you can reach there to learn it to become a professional witch who knows all the skills of black magic and instead if you are from some other country, Africa will be the best choice for you as it is believed that African people know the black magic the better than anyone else in this world.

2. Find Some Professional Witch and Take Classes in Wizardry:-

Take classes from some professional witch and ask her to make you trained in wizardry. The places that we mentioned in the first point are enough for you to find such a professional witch and thus we advise you to get trained and then start assisting her. After she passes you in the training, you can start your own witchcraft and wizardry centre.

3. Make Some Evil Practices:-

It has been seen that the witches can make true anything. They can make you meet your partner, they can make your enemy die within no time and the magic done by them can do anything. Start a centre with a caption that you make works that are difficult to happen. People will start coming to you with their problems and the better you solve those problems, the better you get famous as a witch.

4. Learn from the Book of Shadows:-

The book of shadows is what all the witches make usage of. This book has got all the tricks and tips that witches make usage of while making the evil practices happen. Simply make an office of wizardry and start attending people out there with your book of shadows that you can consult the witch you took training from.

5. Start Treating People with Your Magic:-

When you start treating the people out with your magic, you will get famous with your magic and the more you meet professional witches, the more you will learn tips and tricks from them to act like a professional. This way a professional witch will come out of you else just put on the weird witch’s make up and scare the people giving fake resemblance of a witch as even that can work sometimes.


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