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How to Become an FBI Agent Requirements

Become an FBI Agent Requirements


If you think you are capable enough to encounter dangerous situations, if you hate crime and criminals, if you wish to erase terrorism from the world, FBI may prove to be a name which is dream come true for most of the patriots. If you have the qualities enough to be a leader and serve as special agents in FBI, you are really in the great direction man. I appreciate your thinking and in case you need to become an agent in FBI, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

Become an FBI Agent Requirements

How to Become an FBI Agent Requirements

1. Work on Physical and Mental Abilities:-

First of all you will need to work on your physical as well as mental abilities as the candidates for FBI have to appear for PFT or physical fitness test and complete the training in the FBI academy for whi9ch you need to complete the mental fitness exam first and then the physical fitness exam is conducted that secures a place for you in the training school.

2. Other Tests:-

No just the physical and mental abilities will be testes, but there will be a test for health, vision and hearing power as well. All these will together be involved in the deciding criterion to make a way for you in the FBI academy, which will train you to serve the FBI.

3. The Physical Fitness to be maintained Till the End:-

If you qualify all these exams does not means that your job is secure now and now you need not make any efforts afterwards, but instead FBI demands you to stay physically fit till the end. The battle never ends in case of FBI professionals and thus the physical fitness needs to be maintained till last.

4. After You Pass the Phase One and Two:-

There are two phases for admission to FBI academy and as I mentioned that the first involves the mental abilities to be tested by the means of a written exam, which is a three-hour exam consisting of cognitive, behavioral, and logical reasoning tests and then the other phase includes your physical fitness to be tested, qualifying both you have go for an interview that specialized your place in the FBI academy where you are trained for the dedicated job.

5. The Special Agent Selection System:-

There is a special Agent selection system that the FBI follows to select the candidates and this includes the first two phases as I mentioned and then comes a period do meet and greet which includes you to meet the recruiters with your resume. A written and oral language test for candidates who claim to have a command over a specific language is also taken and after passing the interview and fitness test, the security background is checked and then you receive the desired training from the professionals.

6. Serve the Duty that you are appointed with:-

After all these phases have been completed, you will be required to serve the duty that you are appointed for. Simply prove the best out of yourself and make the people feel proud to have you along with the officers who once recruited you.


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