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How to Become an Auditor Accountant

How to Become an Auditor


An auditor is a professional who performs the audits of various government registered offices and approximately every office, including the cooperative societies, the banks, the investment firms etc. need a professional auditor for them to do yearly audits. This one comes amongst the list of top paid professions and deals with the examination of the financial records or to check if there has been any fraud or waste in that specific firm or companies. Not just the government organizations, but the private companies also show an equal positive interest in the auditors and in case you need to be an auditor, you may choose to go for the steps that we are mentioning here for this purpose.

How to Become an Auditor Accountant

How to Become an Auditor Accountant

1. Opt for the Commerce Stream:-

In order to become an auditor, first of all you will need to complete your 10th class and that too with a merit so that you may opt for commerce stream.  In commerce stream you will be taught the subjects like business, accounts, economics, etc. that will provide you the initial knowledge required to become an auditor.

2. Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting:-

After the basic schooling has got complete and you have completed the 12th class with good marks, you can choose to fill entrance level test forms for various government registered institutions to make a way for yourself in the bachelor’s degree institutions that specialize in the accounting degree courses. Get admitted to the accounting degree and complete it taking full interest with good marks.

3. Get Admitted To Some Auditor’s Professional Course:-

In some of the areas, instead of the bachelor’s degree in accounting, you may even choose to make a way for yourself as an auditor by taking admission to some professional course in auditing. These courses will teach you the basics of accounting and will bring out the accountant in you.

4. Fill Forms for Various Government Related Recruitments:-

After you have taken the desired training as well as the education in accounting, you will have two option available with yourself, one will be to opt for the master’s degree in accounting and the other will be to wait for the government related recruitment notifications to come and apply for them to secure a job for yourself.

5. Join Hands with Some Company:-

As I told you earlier that there are multiple companies that keep on hiring the professional accountants to make audits within their organizations to deal and check the frauds, you may choose to send your resume to the leading companies and get hired as an auditor in them joining hands with those companies. The salary is also well paid with this option.

6. The Better Results You Come Up With, The Further Will Your Progress:-

Yes, as any other career option requires hard work, same is what requires the career in auditing and thus the better results you come up with while serving some firm or organization, the better results you will get and the better will be the level of your promotions as well as lifestyle.


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