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6 Steps to Become a Vegetarian without Gaining Weight

Simple Steps to Become a Vegetarian


Do you love eating beef? Have you been eating chicken or other such meat based dishes so as to quench your food needs and all off a sudden you have realizes that you have been killing innocent organisms for the sake of your hunger? Well, my mother says that it is morning whenever you wake up and thus I will first of all like to appreciate this decision of yours and then will tell you that you are going in a great direction and you can achieve that for sure following some easy tips that we are mentioning here.

6 Steps to Become a Vegetarian without Gaining Weight

How to Become a Vegetarian without Gaining Weight

1. Take the Example of Your Mother:-

Yeah, emotional touch can certainly help if you are not able to leave eating non vegetarian diet. Simply ask yourself when your mother can’t see you in trouble and just like every wound coming on your body equally pains her, even the animals that are used to be killed for obtaining meat or flesh from them will be experiencing the same right? Asking this question from yourself, you can really manage to leave non-veg food.

2. For Those Who Say Eggs Are a Part of Vegetarian Diet:-

Think again if you say that eggs do not get counted in non-veg. The baby that is obtained after transferring the fused gamete to the surrogate mother still stays the baby of same parents and the surrogate mother can’t make a claim over it. Same is the case with eggs as well. People say that the one eating eggs is not non veg as he is eating a hatched egg and not a laid egg. Well change your thinking man; the egg could have turned to a baby if people won’t be eating it.

3. Control, A Key to Success:-

If you think my words are beyond your understanding, the control may prove to be a key to success in your case. Simply reduce the intake of non-vegetarian things in the starting and then keep on lowering this intake time to time so as to make it completely left one day.

4. For Those Who Says You Can’t Make Muscles Without Non-Vegetarian Diet:-

There was a friend of mine who always used to tell me that you can’t make muscles if you eat non-vegetarian things, but it is totally false thing and rather there are certain vegetarian things that can make your muscles flourish even much better than what non vegetarian diet does to you.

5. Move towards the Vegetarian Ways:-

Try searching about the vegetarian eatables and make a list of the stuff that you like amongst vegetarian ones. Start consuming these things in the beginning and then later start trying new dishes and that too vegetarian, so as to completely move towards a vegetarian diet.

6. Seek for Counseling and Change of Environment:-

If nothing that I mentioned proves to work on your case, you may choose to seek counseling from an expert so as to make you move towards vegetarian rather than a non-veg diet. The change of environment can also prove to do a lot in this direction. Simply shift to a vegetarian environment and you will get benefited for sure.


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