How to Become a Keen Observer

How to Be a Keen Observer


A keen observer is the one who takes keen interest in observing the things and can at once tell you what you had made him come across with even the minute details of what he or she had seen. Such people are in a great demand everywhere and besides being a great profession; this one is a great trait as well. In case you wish to become a keen observer, you may choose to go for the easy to follow tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Become a Keen Observer

How to Become a Keen Observer

1. Keep Your Eyes Open:-

The best trait of a keen observer is that he or she will always keep his or her eyes open and will know about each and everything happening around. You are advised to develop this trait in yourself first of all, if you wish to become a keen observer.

2. Don’t Just Have a Glimpse but Look carefully:-

The problem with some people is that when they look at something, they look at it with dis-interest and thus the look becomes mere a glimpse which gets faded once they turn off their eyes. Try having a better approach towards this and try remembering each and everything that you come across so as to become a keen observer.

3. Have a Sharp View:-

The view that you have should be sharp and vivid enough as to give anyone a clear explanation about everything that you see. The image seen should be so close to your insight that you would even be able to recall a missing point of nib from an image.

4. Even the Minute Details Are Counted:-

When we talk about being a keen observer, we actually talk about being keen interested in observing and eve minute details are counted when you are trying to express anything that you have seen.  The more you are able to remember, the more keen observer you will become.

5. Try Having Memory Boosters:-

In order to make everything best of your memory power, you are advised to take food that can boost your memory and once the memory gets boosted, you get able to recall things and circumstances in a better way afterwards.

6. Have Mind Based Exercises Be Bought In Use:-

There are some sorts of puzzles and mind exercises that can help you become a keen observer within no time. Simply download such puzzles and try solving them. This will boost your memory power besides entertaining and will prove the best approach to take the keen observer out of you.


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