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How do Beautician Remove Shellac Nail Polish

How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish


Shellac can be understood as a resin collected by the female Lac Bug on trees in the forests of India and Thailand. This resin is processed and added to ethanol in order to make nail paints for women and gives a perfect shining and high gloss finishing to your nails. The manicure done by this nail polish lasts longer than the other ones and this is the only reason it has become the perfect choice of women these days.

How do Beautician Remove Shellac Nail Polish (5 Steps)

How do Beautician Remove Shellac Nail Polish

1. Acetone As A Removal Agent:-

Acetone, which is an organic compound that can be called as propan-2-one in the language of chemistry can be used as a perfect nail paint remover in the case of shellac nail polishes. It is colour less and it feels cold when falls on your hands. It is flammable and can catch fire and thus you should keep it away from gas stoves and other things that may catch fire.

2. Cotton As A Cleaning Agent:-

You can use cotton as a cleansing agent in order to clean shellac nail polish. Simply apply some acetone by soaking up the cotton ball in acetone and apply it gently on your nails removing the nail polish avoiding any harm to your nails.

3. Cuticle Oil As A Stubborn Polish Remover:-

Cuticle is the area around the nail bed. Cuticle oil is a specialised nail polish remover oil that can be applied on your cuticles and then you just need to push them back, apply the nail polish and you are sorted. As simple as I have written it. Make the use of cotton wherever it is necessary.

4. Wipe Out With Cloth If Necessary:-

Sometimes, It happens that despite each effort that you make, Some nail polish will still be left that would be stubborn enough to be removed. You can choose to rub this type of nail polish with a cloth after dipping that area in acetone to remove it perfectly. Do not use any blade or any other sharp thing in order to remove nail polish as it may even spoil your nails.

5. Precautions While Removing Shellac Nail Polish:-

The first thing that I will like to tell you is to not let your nails be soaked up in acetone for much time. Some women who go wearing sandals at their workplace and parties prefer to paint their nails much often and in order to remove that, their nails have to encounter acetone much often. Though acetone may feel cool when it falls on your hands or legs but can cause you much harm if exposed much often to it and thus I will advise you to keep control over the exposure of your skin to acetone. You should avoid any contact of nail paint with your eyes as well.


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