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How to Bail Someone out of Jail

how to bail someone out of jail


To bail someone refers to the temporary release of a person who is accused of a crime. The accused person is released temporarily with a sum of money taken as a deposit sometimes as a guarantee to release that person. This guarantee ensures that the person will be available whenever the court summons him or her. If someone amongst your near or dear ones is in jail for some minor case, you can easily bail him or her following these simple tips:-

how to bail someone out of jail

How to Bail Someone out of Jail

1. Meet a Lawyer and Consult with Him about the Case:-

In order to know the complexness of your case, first of all you should consult the case with a lawyer in your knowledge. The lawyer will make you acknowledged and aware about the several procedures of bail and conditions that your case will be subjected to. If the case is of drunk driving or drugs, there is always a set limit to stay in jail before you can be produced in front of a magistrate.

2. Understand Your Responsibility as a Bailer:-

When you are bailing for someone, you should keep in mind your responsibility as a bailer. The type of crime often dictates the process of bailing. Different types of crimes are subjected to different kinds of rules. Some offenses are a non-bailable offense which means no bail can be granted at any cost if you are subjected to such a charge.

3. Know the Level of Crime:-

In order to bail someone, thus you should first consider the level of his or her crime. If the case was of a minor theft, the person can be bailed once you deposit the amount of object robbed plus the fees of bail and bail will be granted to the person. This amount can be equal or more than the amount of theft. If it was a bank robbery or any other major robbery, the person might have to stay in jail till he is produced before a judge and even after that it if his guilt is proven. In some cases, the temperament of in charge officer also means a lot.

4. Talk with The In charge Officer:-

Reach the police station with your lawyer if possible. Else, if the level of crime is minor, you can reach the police station yourself in order to talk with the in-charge officer. The in charge officer will ask you to deposit a requisite sum of money as guarantee and to sign papers of formality before releasing that person. The bail can be made only on a working day and all the state/district laws apply to it.

5. The Bond is signed:-

Even if the in-charge officer agrees to release the person, you can’t leave the area without police permission at any cost. A bond will be signed based on the person’s individual criminal record and once the bail bond is made, you can take the person with yourself to home with a promise that you will produce him whenever you receive a summon from the court/police station.


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