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How Does Baby Vision Develop

How Babies Vision Develop


Vision refers to the power of watching anything and from the very first day when a baby gets born, this power of vision starts getting developed with each coming day onwards. From the very first day of its birth, your baby’s eyes will aid its physical, mental and emotional development by allowing him to sense what is going around and the baby will develop the sense of vision even before the time when it develops the sense to speak. Though most of the babies are never taken outside till they do not get at least one month old but still the sense of sight gets fully developed within first six to eight months of your baby’s life and then the baby becomes able to experience this world the same way as others experience it. The way in which a baby’s vision gets developed can be explained as follows:-

How Does Baby Vision Develop

How Does Baby Vision Develop

1. Baby’s Sight when it is born:-

When the baby gets born after end of labor cycle, the baby is not able to focus more than 8 to 12 inches away and he recognizes his mother by touch and not with sight. He is able to recognize the mother only by one trait and it is that she will be the one who feeds him with her nipple. The sight keeps on progressing further with each coming day and thus the baby soon gets able to detect faces, shapes, light and movements.

2. Baby’s Sight within First Two Months:-

Within first two months of his life, a baby is able to consistently focus both the eyes in order to track a moving object around him. He is able to detect light and he is able to recognize faces. Till this stage, the baby is not able to distinguish between two tones of the same color, but still the development of sight keeps on taking place.

3. Baby’s Sight in the Age of Four Months:-

Within the first four months of his life, the baby is able to fully recognize movements taking place around him and till this time, he is able to recognize his mother by face. The depth perception starts getting developed during this stage and he is also able to locate the shape, size, and position etc. of all objects around him.

4. Baby’s Sight in the Age of Five To Six Months:-

When baby crosses the age of five months, he can spot even smaller items like a ball. He is able to spot even tiny objects by the end of six months. You can play games of hide and seek or peek-a-boo with your baby during this time. During this stage of time, your baby is able to recognize you as well as others who come across him.

5. Baby’s Sight by the End of Eighth Month:-

The baby’s vision gets clear and deep till the end of the eighth month. The baby in this stage has reached a point of definite perception and his sight is in an advanced stage than which it was born. He starts recognizing people and objects around him in the room and thus he keeps on getting familiar with the surroundings. The sight keeps on developing further and within some more span of time, the baby’s sight gets fully developed and he is able to recognize each and every object or organism like others around him.


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